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As an international astrologer, Paetra

has helped hundreds of clients

synchronize their lives with planetary

cycles and live in greater harmony and

understanding of where they find

themselves on the map of life.


She is a contributing columnist to the

Mountain Astrologer magazine and part

of the digital writing and editorial team.


She was certified by Maurice Fernandez

in 2017, and voted one of three Most

Promising New Astrologers at the

i-Astrologer Conference in 2018,

completed Fundamentals of Astrology 

with Austin Coppock in 2019,

and in 2021 completed 

Practitioners Level Horary Course

from the School of Traditional

Astrology in London.


Paetra has a background in holistic

healthcare and all things botanical,

which she brings into her


She teaches astrology in a short course

and six-month mentorship form and

offers an annual, year-long class called

the Wheel of the Year, which blends

astrology, herbalism, and folk magic.

The next class starts in March 2024. 



You know how a couple of times a year something clicks, and you feel the world shift minutely on its axis, and possibilities unfold that were not there before?

That’s like getting a reading from Paetra.

​K. Swift


Not only can Paetra read the stars, she does it with grace and compassion.



Paetra delivers her wisdom in a practical and accessible way that is down-to-earth, compassionate and fun.

N. Sauer


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