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Paetra Tauchert Astrology

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As a consulting Astrologer, Paetra has helped hundreds of clients synchronize their lives to cosmic cycles and live with greater harmony and understanding.

She is certified as an Evolutionary Astrologer through Maurice Fernandez, was voted Most Promising New Astrologer at the i-Astrologer Conference in 2018, and has been published in the Mountain Astrologer, and the Career Astrologer magazines. 

In 2019 she completed Fundamentals of Astrology Year 1, with Austin Coppock, a course focused on Traditional astrology. 

 Paetra has a background in holistic healthcare, which she brings into her consultations, and she teaches

Astro-Botanical illustration classes series through

Paetra also has a radio show called Astroscape, on, combining astrology and music. 


Natal Chart Reading

In your natal chart, we can identify your development on a soul level and understand what you are here to do. This helps you access your higher potential.
You can ask any question about personal growth, blockages, relationships, vocation, or anything you need clarity about.

We will also identify upcoming cycles and see how to best navigate the times to come.

For the reading, I will need your date, time, and place of birth. Readings recorded.

50 min. $175

30 min. $90

Transit Reading

This session follows a Natal Chart reading. When you need clarity and direction, or need to make important decisions, this is the reading you need.

Readings recorded.

50 min. $175

30 min. $90

Focused Question

If you have a quick targeted question or two, or would like to look at the next few months, this is a useful

option. Phone appointment or email, quick response.

20 min. $60


Relationship Reading

This helps you understand what brings you and your partner together. We will look at the strength and challenges to make the best of your relationship.

Make sure to provide both your date, time, place of birth. Readings recorded.

50 min. $175


Through your natal chart, we can also identify how different geographical places work for you. Different places in the world highlight some of your qualities and potential. Through this reading, we can address relocation

questions. Readings recorded.

40 min. $150

Select the Optimal Day

Using Astrological timing, I will help you pick the best dates for important events such as weddings, fundraisers, electoral surgeries, and trips.   

 Written $125

Astro Books 









Astro Books

For new parents (and anyone else) who would enjoy 15 pages of full color images, accompanied by simple explanations of the signatures in your new family member’s chart. 8x8 hardcover book.

An Astro Book is a wonderful way to get to know about this brand new person without getting overwhelmed by too much written content.

I advise waiting a few years and getting to know your child before getting an extensive chart analysis done. This will enable you to know the basic framework of their chart,

with carefully selected images to represent each planetary placing.


$165 - shipping included



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Astro Book Classic

The Story of You. 

Your natal chart forged and fashioned into a personal, illuminated manuscript.

A beautiful heirloom keepsake that makes a wonderful gift; each one is a work of art.

A natal chart analysis paired with full color photos.

20 pages of illustrations and text

8x11 hardcover book.

$235 - shipping included 

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Client Testimonials


You know how a couple times a year something really clicks, right? You

hear something,or encounter a new idea, or you see something online, 

or a friend shares a poem or photo—whatever. And you feel the world shift minutely on its axis, and

possibilities unfold that were not

there before? That’s like getting a reading from Paetra.

 K. Swift

Having a reading by Paetra 

really showed me how valuable 

a good astrology reading could be.

 She told me the story

of my birth chart in a way

that was easy to understand

 and highly accurate.

 I felt comfortable and

I trusted her easily.​

 C. Heikell

Thank you so much for your expertise and insights in the reading, it was really enlightening.

S. Morganti

Not only can Paetra read the stars, she does it with such grace and compassion as well.


Paetra has the gift of multi-dimensional understanding. Her readings are clarifying, empowering and rich. She is able to translate the astrological symbols into something fresh and useful.

J. Galloway

Paetra's reading has been hugely beneficial in helping me to work on owning my own power.



J. Brennan

Paetra delivers her wisdom in a practical and accessible way that is down-to-earth, compassionate and even fun. Her light-hearted manner makes for a comfortable reading even when difficult issues are at the heart of the consult.   

N. Sauer

Paetra has an amazing gift. Her readings have helped me clarify elements of my life that I felt and knew intuitively but did not completely understand.


 M. Jackson


​Astrological interpretations ​are for ​inspirational purposes only. By requesting and/or receiving astrological interpretations and/or advice either through the site or ​through Paetra Tauchert,

you agree to release any and all liability with regard to the contents of the site and/or advice received.

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