What is Horary astrology?

Horary astrology is one of the oldest
and most popular uses of astrology,
akin to the penetrating divinatory power of

the Tarot or the I-Ching. 
Its purpose is to answer and resolve specific questions. 
While a natal chart contains the entire
life of a human being, a horary chart contains just the answer

to the question that has been asked.
You can ask almost any question,
as long as it’s sincere.

Here’s how it works:
The question must emerge from an earnest need, and must not be frivolous. You state your question in a simple sentence, and when I understand 
and accept your question,
I cast a chart in that moment and arrive at an answer by following a strict set of traditional rules, passed down
from antiquity, using specific
techniques for specific questions.
I will describe your past, present, and future in relation to the query.

The turnaround time is two business days

(rush available)
and the response will come
in a detailed email. 

How can it help you? 
If you have questions about career,
legal, investment/property, 
relationship, pregnancy, contracts, missing pets,
missing things, as well as identifying unknown persons, 
moving home, or illness/recovery, then horary can help you. 

Horary queries can stand alone, or be combined with a transit reading. 

A stand-alone horary consultation for one question or a group of related questions is $100 USD with an introductory rate of $75 USD (Paypal, venmo, bank transfer)

To schedule a horary consultation, please inquire for availability via email using the link below. Please include your question, any pertinent details, as well as your birth date, time, and place.