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The Lion Wakes

The SUN and MOON burst into LEO with a mighty roar! A new Moon happens every month and is a great time for seeding new projects and ideas. LEO is father, the heart, children, beloved pets; it’s the giving of life. With LEO there is much generosity and open heartedness.

LEO is the archetype that is charged with the continuation of life.

It represents children of all types.

It represents the orgasm that creates them through pleasure,

it represents anything that continues the torch of life.

It is the LEO part of all of us, who has been given the responsibility to create.

If we don't create, life will die.

Leo is fighting death and extinction so it needs constant contribution to the life force in order to keep the torch burning.

Creating life feeds the torch!

By such, we are passing the torch onto the next generation, for the sake of making sure that life goes on, ensuring that the heart keeps beating.

The moment we stop creating, the light starts to dim. We keep the blood of life flowing thru the heart of this archetype.

It's the light,

it's the Sun.

Viva LEO!

Let's talk about Love and Creativity and the ability to awaken

our consciousness and heal our wounds via these essential tools.

So here you find yourself on Earth, in a human body.

What are you here to do?

Your soul has a unique mission, a blueprint that wants to express itself through this life.

Are you able to hear its call? Are you able to weave the voice of your soul into the tapestry of your quotidian life?

Well this New Moon is giving you some extra golden threads to weave into your beautiful and protective spiritual cloak.

We begin our journey to becoming *Little Gods* at birth.

As we are born, we separate ourselves from the cosmic womb

of the Mother Goddess where all is provided (PISCES).

We push out into this brave new world where the only way out is through.

We now exist (ARIES), we have a body to use (TAURUS), we have a mind to learn about and name the things in our environment (GEMINI), so we create a safe place to nest where we can feel our emotions and digest our experiences (CANCER), and then …. wham.

We learn to create (LEO) and thus become *Little Gods*.


As a part of our love and creativity, our relationships need to be tended.

This New MOON signifies that it's time for a check in, in our one-on-one relationships.

How's the alignment?

How's the communication?

Is everyone speaking their authentic truth?

A little extra focus here will create a greater harmony that will ripple out into other parts of your life, allowing for amplified creativity, whatever sort you enjoy.

This month contains maximum LEO power

in the form of not just one but TWO New MOONS in LEO,

the second one being the highly anticipated


at 11:30am, at 28 degrees LEO.

More on that later.....

Happy New Moon and Warm wishes!


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