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Current Astro-weather

We are preparing to pull into the station, in order to 'reverse our reversal' of MERCURY's retrograde journey. You are advised to keep your eye on the prize and take some deep, slow breaths.

MERCURY and MARS are together at the very end of LEO, like a pair of hot-headed Viking twins,

kicking around, looking for some action. If they don't find something 'constructive',

they're plenty content with less savory alternatives.

So put them to good use,

NOW, to circumvent any trouble.

Use this force to get your ducks in a row and make sure all the things in your world are working well, in preparation for winter, which is coming in the north, (summer in the south).

We are now under VIRGO guidance, seeking health and vitality, the functionality of the things in our world.

Leonor Fini, woman moon (moon woman) 1955

The day to day tools and items we live and function with as humans,

they have a sacred soul as well. Treat them with love and respect.

Occulta, Sacred Tool series: the Harvester Set

Streamline, shed, organize, repair, deep clean.

It's a hidden secret to success in the rest of your life; cleanliness and order within.

The 'crazy straw' journey from the recent solar eclipse to this point is all connected.

We are still in the zone.

Stay grounded, take rests, naps, dips in the pool. Don't aggravate your liver at all right now.

Think cucumbers and mango lassis.

Felix Vallaton. Le vieil olivier (The old olive tree), 1922


The beginnings and ends of any retrograde period are the trickiest due to the planet appearing to slow down to a stop, in order to change direction. If at all possible, do not make any big decisions or purchases until SEPTEMBER 9. Give yourself extra time for everything this week, and cut yourself and others as much slack as you can afford. You and they will be the better for it.

MERCURY stations direct at the same degree as the eclipse, so the full understanding of the lessons/medicine of this eclipse may not be felt until then.

Jan Toorop, Vloed/Tide, 1891

Meanwhile, giant prayers of protection and recovery for Texas, for India,

Nepal and Bangladesh, for Montana, for Yosemite, for Los Angeles,

and prayers of cooling of hot heads

in North Korea and Washington.

Do your part to ground out the collective as there are many that can't

do it for themselves right now.

And if you want to help out the animals in trouble from the flooding,

here is a good place to give:


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