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The last phase of 2017

As we roll right into September and the autumn season in the Northern Hemisphere, (spring in the Southern) there are some distinct energies at play.

For one, we are in the last month of our JUPITER in LIBRA transit.

JUPITER always brings a bigness to everything it touches and in this case, it has touched the other cardinal planet placings:



These are massively significant, generation defining placings and aspects, and they have definitely been felt!

We can correlate the fact that the 'Doomsday Clock' has moved up to 2.5 minutes from midnight in 2017, with these signatures. (And to be clear, Astrology is not causing anything, it is an 'as above, so below' refection of what exists, and what is transpiring here on earth. What happens on one level of reality also happens on every other level; the microcosm and macrocosm behave alike.)

PLUTO has been in CAPRICORN since 2008 (the financial crash that we still haven't really recovered from) and URANUS has been in ARIES since 2011 (creating upheaval and change in the interest of of the progress of humanity). These two titans have clashed in square form many times in the last 6 years and we have seen the increasing destabilization of many governments, including our own. JUPITER came into LIBRA last year just in time to usher in a very challenging administration for the US government that seems to be unfolding like a slow motion catastrophe.

Now JUPITER in LIBRA is approaching one last opposition with URANUS in ARIES. We can certainly feel it now, but it will perfect on September 26, 2017. This is a giant wake up call.

It invokes the theme of revolution. There is no time to sleep through these massive changes that we are living through.

Where are you asleep, or at least sleepy? Rouse yourself, do your part. Be the change you long to see. We need people pouring into the streets like we had in generations past, vs this somnambulistic, screen-pacified generation.

This week we are also under a SUN SATURN square. Think "meeting with the principal" type energy. How is your ongoing relationship to responsibility and authority going (your own and external)? Are you being all that you can be? If you are slacking, this aspect will firmly point this out to you. It's time to do a really good job at anything that you undertake, and to use your voice to speak your truth. Neither of these things are 'easy', but nothing worthy ever is.

It's time to pick up the slack, have those conversations that you have been putting off, tackle that 'to do' list, especially the less desirable yet super important things on the list. Clear the slate!

SATURN is in its last 3 months of SAGITTARIUS and thus all of these lessons are up for intense review. Don't leave it up to someone else to notice/point out where you are out of integrity, do your own hard work. Be your own authority and you will generate the respect of others.

Lastly, but not least, VENUS is now conjunct the NODAL AXIS and will soon (Sept 18) contact the degree of the recent eclipse. This activates all sort of weirdness around love and money. Just do your best to stay grounded in both.

Love and falling leaves,


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