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A deeper look at Jupiter in Scorpio

Artist Sylvia Ji

JUPITER represents your guiding star. It's what you believe in.

It represents the spiritual system that underpins your life.

SCORPIO represents evolution and transformation. Thus we are in a process of transforming and equally being transformed by our relationship to spirit.

JUPITER officially entered SCORPIO on October 10, 2017.

As the wildfires in Northern California raged out of control, no end in sight.

But it will be October 26, when JUPITER conjuncts the SUN

at 3 degrees SCORPIO, that will be the official launch.

This is when JUPITER has an audience with the King

(the SUN) and emerges with the mission.

The Sabian Symbol for 3 degrees SCORPIO makes me teary:


And that brings us right to the essence of this transit.

After the destruction of the old, comes the renewal of life.

We will rebuild our community.

It will take a long time, but there is so much love here.

There will be many,

many house-raising parties in our small village by the time we are done.

Amish barn raising in Walnut Creek, photog. unknown

And as there are species of plants that are fire-adapted or only can germinate after a fire,

there are parts of the human spirit that are just the same.

Artist unknown

The job of JUPITER is to multiply, to expand whatever it touches, bringing greater volume.

In this case, the archetype of JUPITER is merging with the archetype of SCORPIO.

As SCORPIO is ruled by the planet (yes, planet) PLUTO,

this is a combination of the largest and the smallest planets in the zodiac.

PLUTO is the slowest and smallest and JUPITER is the biggest.

But both are seeking 'more'. Both are driven by intense feelings that there must be more to life than this. Both are driven by the principle of growth.

It is important to keep in mind that there is always a shadow and a light side to everything in life, and this is reflected in astrology.

So in this case the downside of this potent combination is excess, greed, destruction, jealousy and never finding satisfaction.

The magical power of this combination (which also applies to Sag Scorpio folks)

is the ability to manifest something that didn't exist before.

It is a shamanic combination.

Art by Amy Sol

But the converse, negative expression can be a constant feeling of dissatisfaction. Somehow, no matter what, it's never quite enough. This leads to great weakness.

SCORPIO trains us to adapt to life's intensity.

Here we learn the fine art of transmuting pain into a golden heart,

that still loves and believes in life, still votes for life, even in the face of hardship.

JUPITER will amplify all of this.

This is where we really find out what we are all made of.

These 13 months of JUPITER in SCORPIO will take us deeply into our emotional bodies, where we will be on the front lines of our own emotional evolution

and ultimately, empowerment.

But first, it's time to ask ourselves the hard questions.

It's time to have a long, hard, talk with yourself about your life

and how it's going and what it's lacking.

After the deepest kind of reckoning, take what you have learned and then make your plan:

Move it outwards and Go Big.

Dream BIG, think BIG, act BIG.

Find the part of your chart that has SCORPIO in it (ask me if you don't know how to find it) and that is the part of your life that is going to go through turbo-charged transformation.

Wei Ji in Mandarin: Crisis is danger + opportunity

The gift of the fusion of JUPITER

and SCORPIO is the ability

to transmute any trauma

into useful tools, useful nourishment,

to turn pain into joy.

This transit is a teacher of soul alchemy.

It shows us how to turn darkness into light, how to turn crisis into opportunity.

This transit will also rouse the kundalini snake of passion and sexuality.

SCORPIO style sexuality is nothing less than full fusion.

Be prepared for the turning up of the libido dial to 'high',

for the smoldering intensity of attraction and desire, for attraction and rejection.

Power and powerlessness are big themes we will be exploring under this transit.

artist unknown

JUPITER in SCORPIO is full-powered emotional evolution.

This requires full access to our emotions.

It's snowmelt time for the frozen parts of ourselves.

Things must be faced and felt, in order to be cured and healed.

It is only once things are really experienced, felt and then digested through our emotional body, that they may become integrated

and useful parts of us.

Think of the finest compost, and what it goes through to become 'bio-available'

and how once it is, it nourishes and nurtures new life and growth.

This is our theme, our guiding light now.

Photog. unknown

"There is only one directive:

that the lost are found;

that the thick leaves encasing the dead are parted

and they are lifted into the arms of the light."

-Patti Smith, M Train

Photographer unknown

May the lost parts of all of us be found and loved and welcomed home.

Many blessings of love and renewal for us all,

Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer

Sonoma County, California

Art by Amy Fisk

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