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November's Full Frost Moon

As the MOON becomes FULL on NOVEMBER 3, at 10:22pm West Coast time,

we have the FULL MOON at 11 TAURUS opposing JUPITER and the SUN in SCORPIO, and we have VENUS in LIBRA opposite URANUS in ARIES.

These are some very big energies.

The TAURUS Full MOON is a sensual thing, greatly amplified by JUPITER's position, while ARIES and LIBRA are the classic relationship axis.

This is a spicy, sexy time Full MOON, and one to get really cozy around.

This is time of the year, fresh out of the Halloween gateway, into the winter portal, that we are acquainting ourselves once again with the darkness and chill as the dominant story.

The light is noticeably waning in the Northern Hemisphere and like it or not,

we are all asked to adapt. One way to deal with it is the way that the Scandinavian countries do.

It is called Hygge (hue-gah) in Danish which loosely translates as a

"coziness of the soul", or well-being.

Hygge involves friends, family, food, candles.... it's essentially the feelings and activities and environments that make you feel safe, happy, cozy, and connected.

The Scandinavians have made an art of it and it's one of the basic tenets of their culture. It may explain why Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and Finland are nearly always at the top of the list of the "happiest countries in the world".

The idea is to relax and feel as at-home as possible, forgetting life's worries.

Also woven into this Full Moon mix is a grand fire trine, involving URANUS in ARIES, the NORTH NODE in LEO and JUPITER in SAG.

It's time to upgrade your truth telling in order to be aligned with your destiny. Saturn is at the tail end of its time in SAG, it will enter CAPRICORN on December 19. It's time to refine our lessons of the past 2.5 years, and the need to speak our authentic truth is at the essence.

Truth-telling can be an aphrodisiac. Use the power of this Full MOON and be willing to share where you normally withhold, as a way of upgrading your relating and make your life more deep, rich and juicy.

Happy Full Frost Moon in Taurus!

Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer

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