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'Into the Woods' New Moon

 The Moon will be new early Saturday morning, November 18, at 3:42 PST

at 26 degrees Scorpio (chart down below).

This new Moon squares the nodes of the Great American Eclipse of August 2017, and Venus is at the bending of where the nodes are now. The nodes of fate always connect us to the emotional nervous system of where we really are in our evolution. The Moon touching the eclipse point activates us personally and collectively to reconnect to where we were then, and what we began when the eclipse occurred. The themes include relationship, sexual alchemy, mystery, magic, women 

and self-care as we go into the season of hibernation and hygge.

 artist unknown

In terms of self-care, this is the time to add astragalus root and fresh ginger root into all of your soups and teas. Tea time is very important in the winter!   

Alternate the stimulants that help us cope with the dark and cold with these deep immune herbs. It's worth the extra effort to stay well, as recovering from colds and flus can take a long time.

Stay cozy. Lots of cuddling with 2 and 4 leggeds is prescribed.

Get extra sleep, take advantage of what is a naturally hibernatorial time. 

artist unknown

Save your energy for the holidays, it's already American Thanksgiving next week! 

The extra strong Jupiter-Venus conjunction that accompanies this new Moon inspires

indulgence, so go ahead and enjoy, and engage all the senses, but try and keep the remedies for indulgence close at hand. Bitters tinctures with meals and probiotics keep the digestion strong, and if our digestion is strong, we are strong. 

In the north this is the time of the year when winter arrives, and begins to settle in.

We still have illuminated trees filled with russet and golden starry autumnal leaves, but the rains are tickling them loose and soon they will be blanketing the ground and the deciduous trees will all be bare.

The ground is soaking up the rains and becoming a moist nursery for tiny blades of grass. The greening of the land precedes the frostiness that is also coming soon.  

artist unknown

This is the time of the Old Crone who has lived many, many moons and holds knowledge of the mysteries of life in her bones.

She is the storyteller and time-keeper and we do well to honor her now. In the Celtic lands, the Cailleach (ka-le-ah) is a widespread form of the divine-hag goddess, tied to the land and the weather. She is a creator deity, a weather deity, and an ancestor deity. 

She is a winter and storm spirit, and she helps us look into the darkness, invoking the protection of the Queen of Winter.

photo by Richard Brown

Meditate on her to find the old and ancient bones of your life, the deepest things

that have shaped your journey here on Earth. She is the burnisher of memories. 

 artist unknown

Mars in Libra is square Pluto in Capricorn at this new Moon, which speaks of underlying intensity and power struggles involving beauty, ambition and power.

What we see now, spreading through Hollywood are incredibly brave women and men standing up and speaking out against decades and decades (lifetimes)

of built-in power structures that have been used for sexual oppression

and abuse. This is a primal fight, a storming of the castle by those who have been abused and stayed silent, or were dismissed by others in power so as to not rock the boat that everyone is aboard.

Now, with Jupiter in Scorpio and Lilith about to enter Capricorn (the sign of institutions and the patriarchy), the boat is officially being rocked.

There is a wrecking ball sweeping through the corruption of Hollywood and extending into DC and it 'aint done yet. 

May it continue its deep, dredging work and take no prisoners.

We want nothing more than total transformation and rebirth in a new and healthier way. 

Blessed new Moon to you! 

Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer

Visit my website at:

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