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Winter Solstice Saturn Switch


This is the last week of Saturn in Sagittarius. He sits at 29, the anaretic degree. There is a lot of pressure in the 'field' right now, as it's sitting tight with Mercury retrograde in the heart of the Sun (Cazimi). Might as well surrender to the process. Clear, say, do anything that needs to be cleared, said, or done. It's in the final stage of percolating our lessons of the last 2.5 years, and we are exhausted with the completion, which means that the medicine has been fully consumed. What has transpired since December 23, 2014? Distill it down to the themes of maturation and mastery.

Where have you learned to speak your truth with new authority?

We have a New Moon at 26 degrees Sagittarius on December 17, 2017 at 10:30pm PST.

The accompanying sabian symbol is:


From Parthenon, Athens, Acropolis circa 450 BC

This New Moon falls on the Galactic Center (the point around which our entire solar system rotates, which is believed by astronomers to be a supermassive blackhole) and is conjuncted by Saturn and trined by Uranus. It asks us what beliefs and stories are we are passing onto our children. They are inheriting a very quickly changing world from the one that we grew up in. They need to be planted with meaningful and expansive seeds of truth in the form of myth and spirituality. With that they can have touchstones in their lives as they grow.

Jenny Nystrom

We must feed their mycelium with magic and wonder and delight, they are going to need it for their journeys. Let's infuse them with the magic of the Yuletide, Solstice season. The innocence, beauty and celebration of the rebirth of the Sun/the Sun-King/the Light, (which predates the birth of Jesus by many centuries), is a precious and deeply familiar time of the year. What are the meta-stories that you carry in your heart, your personal living mythology, passed down to you through your parents, your culture? This is what we culture our children in, as well as our inner children, and thus continue to carry a legacy of stories and myths into the future.

Eva Melhuish

Let's teach them to fill up with all the sensual richness of this beautiful season, all the colors, lights, scents and tastes and the spirit of goodwill that is at its heart. Teach them to fill their inner cup of nourishment, to survive the annual wintertime cold and darkness.

This is the original purpose of all the celebrations of light at this darkest point of the year, to help us keep the internal spark strong and glowing.

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, 1924 Artus Scheiner

Foods for the soul by Slavica

Winter Solstice or Midwinter, (December 22, 2017 8:29am) is a sacred and holy portal.

It is the shortest day, longest night, thus time for inner realms to expand as outer realms contract. We reach the Solstice point where the Sun can be observed to stay in the same spot for 3 days, and then start to move again (sol-stice means 'sun stand still'). We change directions here and begin to once again move away from the darkness, and build towards the light. The old year has died and the way is now prepared for the rebirth of the Sun/energy/light/God. This is the real New Year point and also Mercury turns direct the next day (December 22), paving the way forward, towards the light, though it is not out of station until the 29th, so the same recommendations still apply as detailed in my last post.

Helen Mary Jacobs, 1930

Saturn enters its home sign Capricorn, on December 19, 8:48pm PST. It's a big shift in the sky story. For now, the thing to embrace is that any situations that aren't in alignment with the higher laws of life will quickly become more trouble than they are worth.


For the journey that is coming it's time to cut free any ballast that is not serving your highest good. We are all going to experience a major recalibration between now and Spring Equinox 2020 when Saturn will enter Aquarius. That will be the upgrade, but for now we do the foundational work. Stones and bones and mountains.

What is the scaffold of your life?

That becomes the new focus. Time to prune away and shed the old, that which is ready to die because it has been completely exhausted. Here at the darkest week of the year, in the dark of the Moon, reach down and pull out any old useless patterns by the taproot, they're easier to get out right now.

Make way for new life.

Foods for the soul by Slavica

Blessed Holy Days!

Solstice, Yuletide, Hanukah and the little, teeny, tiny, baby Jesus's birthday.

Blessed return of the light!

Love Paetra

Eve Melhuish

--- Artist unknown

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