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Worksheet for the Transition of the Year

Art from John Forti/artist unknown

1/What would you like to leave behind from the past 12 months?

2/What would you love to bring with you into the next 12 months?

3/What would you like to call in for 2018?

4/What would you like to learn?

5/How were you challenged or stretched in 2017?

6/How did you deal with the challenges? What practices worked?

7/What did you learn from this challenge?

8/Who do you need to forgive in 2017 to clear the way for a fresh start in 2018? This could be yourself.

9/What are you grateful for?

Make this a juicy list.

If 2017 had a personal theme, what was it called?

This was the Year of ______.

This list is adapted from a creation by

Rabbit Rabbit! Here comes 2018!

Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer

Art from John Forti/artist unknown

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