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The Electric Blueblood Super-Full-Moon Eclipse

Artist unknown

The MOON is full in the sign of LEO (11 degrees) on January 31, 2018 at 5:27am PST.

Its conjunction to the NODAL AXIS tells us that it is also a total Lunar Eclipse, but that’s not all.

As we began this month/year with a Full Moon on January 1, the reoccurrence of another Full MOON in one calendar month is the definition of a BLUE MOON, plus this is another Supermoon (meaning it’s the closest it gets to the earth), and last but not least, those that can see it eclipsing will also see it turn blood red.

This is no ordinary Full MOON.

Look at your chart to see where 11 degrees LEO and 11 degrees AQUARIUS are found and know that you will be getting a blast of cosmic/soul energy in those arenas with this eclipsing MOON. (Ask me if you don't know).

Art by Shannon Clark

As the Moon is full in LEO, the SUN is in AQUARIUS on the SOUTH NODE with VENUS,

and MARS has now entered the sign of SAGITTARIUS, so the overall vibe is quite different now than all the heavy CAPRICORN SCORPIO that oversaw most of January.

We're now much lighter and more expansive. That was a challenging window for many.

The way the zodiac functions is that a sign will strongly embody an archetypal energy and then the next sign is more or less the opposite/antidote. With CAPRICORN we are dealing with the densest bedrock. It's stones and bones and the wisdom of tradition and elders. It's time honored tradition and it's authority and responsibility.

Jumping Ibex (a Capricorn relative),

SATURN will travel through CAP for the next three years, aligning everything in sight, but the SUN is now in AQUARIUS time. With AQUARIUS, the theme is air. It is the higher mind and is known for its revolutionary, genius qualities. It is the archetype that drives progress forward. Its futuristic orientation always sets it apart from the mainstream. The future can seem foreign and scary to the non AQUARIUS, so they can often be found a little outside of society, which can sometimes feel like alienation. AQUARIANS can literally feel like tourists here, alien anthropologists come from a better, faster world. Or they can experience disassociation, which is something that AQUARIUS is prone to with its refined, mental, crystalline approach.

In order to move quickly, AQUARIUS cuts the emotional ballast. Emotions are slow and burdensome for them.

The way that URANUS, the ruler of AQUARIUS functions is as a flash of lightning, and in that flash you suddenly see things differently. It can be a little shocking, but whatever you lose of your old ways via the new perception, in return you are given something that is much more authentically you. It helps you to grow.

The Occult University Library

Constantly continuing to upgrade, by hook or by crook; that’s AQUARIUS’s game.

AQUARIUS cares a great deal about humanity and will work hard to find new and better ways to do things to improve the lot of humankind ….. but finds the one on one, bleeding heart, real, emotional human drama not to their taste. Thus the disassociation. AQUAS live in their brilliant, sparkling minds, and we are lucky to have them. We’d be sailboats on still water without them.

As all MOONs become full in the sign opposite the SUN, we know that this Full MOON is in AQUARIUS’s partnering sign of LEO.

All the signs are part of a dyad and this one is LEO AQUARIUS.

The SUN and the MOON have joined the NODAL AXIS to form a LUNAR ECLIPSE that is also a part of this MOON’s medicine. ECLIPSES are an astronomical event where the moon appears darkened as it passes into the earth's shadow.

ECLIPSES are always potent events on a soul level. There is a gateway that is opened with the alignment of the MOON, SUN and EARTH and important events, or the meeting of key people who will impact your life, can occur. They are always an opportunity to ask what you would like to have eclipsed out of your life. Game changer.

This eclipse is a wild card.

AQUARIUS's partner in crime and all else is LEO. LEO is the sign of the SUN, the King, the heart, the spine. It's about creativity of the body (children), and creativity of the soul (art). It's about pleasure, which can become hedonism, it's about somehow contributing to the canon of life, leaving a legacy. LEO is the superstar, so at home in the limelight. They literally do have an extra glow to them.

Typical Leo Aquarius, artist unknown.

At this Full MOON, VENUS is with the eccentric, AQUARIAN SUN King, and in some way they are bringing us a vision of our collective future, to aid and inspire us along our way. The human race keeps fumbling towards enlightenment and this Full MOON is a boost in the right direction. Ask for intuitive insight into anything that is currently vexing you, get quiet and listen.

The square from SUN, VENUS. and SOUTH NODE to JUPITER in SCORPIO challenges us to also tune into our deep emotional body and not get lost in the lofty mountain peaks of the higher mind alone. The work is to integrate them together, to weave, to emulsify.

Art by Laura Makabresku

JUPITER will be in SCORPIO all year until November so the uber intense themes of death and resurrection will continue to accompany us on our journey.

Overall, steadiness is the prayer and wish for all, through this electric,

blueblood, Super-Full-Moon, eclipse.

In parting, here is a song:

Happy and blessed end to January,

Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer

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