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Earth Mother ♥️  Water Moon

It's PISCES time, can you feel it? It's so noticeable, the shift from the crystalline, mental, icy, brilliant, clarity of AQUARIUS into the absolute, melting, heart-open, psychedelic, jellyfish status that PISCES brings each year. PISCES is brilliant in a different way.

Matome Naver

The SUN went into PISCES this year on the 18th of February.

PISCES is the 12th sign and thus the last stop on the zodiac before starting over in ARIES. PISCES is both beginning and end. It's the collective's overlapping unconsciousness. It's the boundary-less, watery, splashy reset button. It's looking into the eyes of an animal and absolutely knowing that we are the same. It's the hallmark of the great poets, artists and madmen. It's the drunk and it's the saint. It's literally everything. It's the womb of the universe that birthed us all and continues to birth us and swallow us up after we release our human form.

William Shackleton, the Polar Star, 1920

On March 1 at 4:51pm Pacific time, the MOON is full in the sign of VIRGO.

Its exact opposition to the SUN in PISCES is what makes it a Full MOON,

but the SUN is also making its annual conjunction with NEPTUNE, making the PISCES SUN even more mystical, more charged with imagination, even more sensitive. Boundaries are not NEPTUNE's strong point. In fact, on its way to merging us with God, it dissolves them. PISCES is ruled by NEPTUNE and NEPTUNE is primal nature, existence, life as God created it. In this model, we are completely passive and God*. is taking care of everything. (*Insert whatever holy title you'd like here, PISCES knows that it's all seeds of the same truth)

This is great. For a while.... and then it kind of starts to suck.

In comes the natural partner to PISCES, VIRGO. VIRGO is human intervention

in the primal pattern of the divine, which in itself, is part of the divine pattern.

Louis Icart, 1920s

VIRGO knows that God is doing a lot, but for things to actually work here on Earth, and for maximum health, humans need to do their part and meet God halfway. If there is slacking then guess what? Parasites. On any and all levels. If you don't use your God given 'clay', then someone else will. So one of the big messages of this Full MOON in VIRGO is to take care of the temple. We only are given one body per life.

If you take care of it, then it will take care of you.

NEPTUNE is intoxication, psychedelia, escapism, dreamy waking and sleeping, it's fame and glamour and we are all a part of 'it' and that's the point. With PISCES you inescapably feel that truth. There is no separation between any of us. We share the same soul as the animals, the minerals, the plants, all of life. We are all a part of God's dream.

Photo by Ricard Caillet

This is the Full MOON of coconut oil, and bone broth, of nettles tea and a weekly yoga practice. It's brushing and flossing, it's eating sauerkraut and getting enough sleep. This full MOON advises doing your own version of this because otherwise, over time, your physical reality will weaken through mismanagement. We must remain vigilant and care for ourselves in order to thrive throughout our lives. Self-care practices go a long way towards "life-insurance" of the divine kind.

Rosegracebotanicals on IG

In the northern hemisphere, the PISCES season is the snowmelt of the AQUARIAN ice and snow. It may refreeze before the real thaw comes on, but it's the beginning. The tide has turned and now we are building toward the equal day, equal night of the VERNAL EQUINOX, or the ARIES ingress.

Ilya Repin, 1903

Paetra Tauchert, "Balboa Island', 2015

SATURN in CAP trines the Full VIRGO MOON

while MARS in SAG triple squares


whilst JUPITER in SCORPIO is trining them.

This is a dynamic combination of water, earth and fire. There is a distinct lack of air which is the element that gives us perspective. This is a very immersive and subjective MOON and it coincides with the biggest dreaming window of the year.

Pay attention to your dreams, write them down and keep them close to your heart. They are emissaries from your unconscious.

Christian Schloe

SATURN sends stability as long as we tirelessly keep checking our alignment with the divine order. This includes living in harmony with the seasons and with our own time of life. There is always a harvest specific to who you are, and where you are now, to this perspective. Alignment is embracing and learning all you can from it, as you will continue to evolve and you will never find yourself

"here and now" ever again.

JUPITER continues to support expansive growth

as long as we are real with ourselves with what needs to change

to allow maximum expansion and empowerment, especially in our sexual realtionships and how we share resources with others.

Remedios Varo

But then MARS in SAGITTARIUS comes along and amplifies the heck out of the mega PISCES stellium of NEPTUNE MERCURY and VENUS, that at best creates an environment for a really spiritual, deeply heartfelt union and at worst can empower what Mystic Medusa calls "the love zombie". Cue surgically attached rose colored glasses and the inability to see things in a realistic light. Red flags be damned! Added to the legendary PISCES/NEPTUNE legacy of loving to get really tossed, hopefully straight into another, sparklier, universe and you've potentially got a powder keg,

So just keep your wits about you on this full MOON and don't go drunk/etc. texting any bad news people from the past. Just blow them kisses from afar and move on.

Mwimagery on IG

SAG with PISCES (JUPITER with NEPTUNE) can create really high highs and really low lows. Generally you have both in a relatively short window of time.

We can call this bi-polar and this signature can definitely catalyze this,

so eat whatever it is that gets and keeps you grounded and healthy and try not to go too big in the 'party' department. A little bit goes a long way (this includes caffeine and sugar). Easy does it under this MOON, the moonlight alone may send you to another dimension.

Try some pranayama or some 'prancersise', two other worthy paths to PISCES bliss, as well as a trip to the ocean or other body of water. Sea foam in particular is good medicine for PISCES time, and hugs may be considered a valid spiritual/physical practice.

From the Meta Picture fb

The work of this Full MOON is to allow yourself to relax into the ecstatic bliss of knowing that you are loved and held by God, yet remaining aware that you have a body that needs your attention.

We Are the Wild Kids on IG

Lots of love and Pisces bliss,

Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer

3PorchFarm on IG

First image from Wandervogel on fb

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