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The Bluest Moon Yet


When it's ARIES time, kicking ass is the basic theme. There is a fierce independence and passion that defines the zeitgeist. Its about ME, my cause, my inspiration, it's about not losing oneself in another. ARIES wants an ally to fight battles alongside, it does NOT want to merge.

The MOON is full at 10 degrees LIBRA on March 31 at 5:37am Pacific time, and LIBRA is known for its orientation towards the other. It is so curious about the other, what the other thinks, feels, sees. There is a longing for balance and harmony but LIBRAS are a pair with ARIES and they can also be very warlike. This is a very intense Full MOON, not one where you can rest easily, so you might as well put it to good use.

Roger Ibanez

The accompanying Sabian Symbol for this Blue MOON's full degree is:


That sure sounds like SATURN, who just happens to be one of the stars of the show as he, conjunct with MARS is T-squaring the MOON in LIBRA, opposite the SUN in ARIES, whilst the SUN is conjunct our retrograding MERCURY (chart at bottom).

This is artist Edward St John Gorey, born with Jupiter in Capricorn,

as well as Mars opposite Saturn, photographer unknown.

Are you talking about what you need to talk about? Good luck trying to avoid it. If things are out of whack, it's time to prioritize doing all you can to get them back in whack. Or in whack for the first time. There is not much wiggle room right now with this MARS and SATURN moving to conjunction while MERCURY is retrograde, and about to conjunct the SUN. Themes of ethics and morality strongly accompany this MOON. Testing and provocation are likely. This is a Do No Harm, But Take No Shit kind of MOON. This is a MOON where it is advised to not deny the existence of dragons. MARS and SATURN want us to do whatever it takes, to get in alignment with our own and cosmic truths.

JUPITER in SCORPIO has retrograded back to a tight sextile with PLUTO in CAP, made even stronger by their mutual reception, meaning that each planet is in the sign ruled by the other (Pluto rules Scorpio and Saturn rules Capricorn). This combined with the MARS SATURN conjunction amplified by this Full MOON brings awareness that we are teetering on the edge of war. The current administration has recently brought aboard some old players from the neoconservative war hawk era and they clearly have war on the brain. As I write, there is an "unusually large display of the Chinese in the South China Sea, performing massive military drills". May cooler heads prevail as we approach the potent, coming MARS retrograde this June, which will be part of the next Eclipse season.

Also happening with this MOON, our lady of love VENUS enters TAURUS just 8 hours before the MOON perfects its Fullness, doing a lovely job of paving the way for URANUS's path right behind it, into TAURUS on MAY 15.

From forageforflowergarden on IG

When VENUS is in TAURUS we turn our desires to the 5 senses and to what soothes and pleases them.

Sorellacollective on IG

Beauty and good food are at the top of the list, though naps and baths (alone or with good company) are a close second.

VENUS has been close to URANUS since the end of FEBRUARY, closing out the final degrees of ARIES together, and there has been some noteworthy, fierce, young, woman power expressed on the world’s stage, a la student Emma Gonzalez speaking her truth about guns and violence. (ARIES themes if ever there were.)

And now, when URANUS makes its move, all things TAURUS are about to be very awakened with the purpose of upgrade and improvement.

This includes the body, the land, the senses, farming, cooking, eating, lovemaking, art making, resources, natural born gifts that help us earn resources, and how one feels about oneself; one's self-esteem.

The way to use this Full MOON is to find some way to get your ya-ya's out. Take a vigorous hike, go for a giant swim, climb a mountain. Tire yourself out to help take the edge off, and if you end up in any sort of confrontation or argument, give yourself a time out and do some slow deep breathing to center and ground, and then put your best foot forward and and listen with an open heart, and speak your truth clearly and compassionately.

Bernadette Drabsch

APRIL FOOL'S DAY and EASTER take place the very next day and thus are quite connected to all of this. The Fool card in Tarot is the 0 card, the first card in the deck. I've long loved the Motherpeace Deck, created by Karen Vogel and Vicki Nobel. This is what they have to say about the Fool card,

"The fool represents the magical child within us; the pure impulse that causes us to act, the infinite possibilities that exist within every moment of life.

Containing all possibilities, the Fool represents the phenomenon of "synchronicity" and coincidences between happenings. The Fool is the part of us that unconsciously connects to the greater universal whole, so things are constantly "just happening" that involve the unspoken and usually unacknowledged links between thoughts and events. If one is open to magical phenomena, then one accepts these little correlations between the worlds."

That is part of the medicine woven into this Full MOON as is Easter Sunday.

The way that Easter is determined each year is that it is the first Sunday that falls after the first Full MOON after the Spring Equinox. Hmmmm.... For a Christian holy-day, that sure sounds pagan...

Once again, this is a point of intersection between Christian and Pagan holy days and it feels all the more powerful because of the syncretic mix.

Old Moss Woman's Secret Garden

Happy Full MOON and Fool's Day and Hoppy Easter!

With Love,

Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer

—-first image: Daria Petrilli, The Nest

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