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New Moon and Uranus: Lightning Bolts


This is a whopper of a New MOON. It's a stimulator, a galvanizer and an elevator. It's a revelator.

It occurs on April 15 at 6:57pm PT, at 26 degrees ARIES. I'm not going to candy coat it, this is one of those days where you want to know it's coming and be ready for it when it arrives. The day kicks off with a MOON square MARS aspect which is always noticeable and feisty and represents a strong need to get one's own way, as well as a willingness to use the ARIES and CAPRICORN horns to get it. If you can avoid scheduling any important meetings, talks or negotiations on this day, do it. If things start to simmer or spark, take some time out to breathe and re-center yourself, as was also advised at the last Full MOON. There is a compulsive energy towards battle in this New MOON. This can also be seen in the fact that we are definitely teetering on the brink of war, led by an unstable and mercurial man who favors tweeting his thoughts as they arrive, with no care around what tornados and tsunamis are created in response to his changing tides. *Update; we have now bombed Syria. We are now facing the possibility of world war.

Art by Donn P. Crane

MERCURY the messenger is stationing direct and the New MOON/SUN are conjunct URANUS and square PLUTO. Meanwhile we're already coping with MARS at the midpoint of SATURN and PLUTO in CAPRICORN which is hot, heavy, and confrontational at best, destructive and war piggish at worst.

Image from Gwyllm Llwyd

This is a symphony of tension, with an inflammatory backbeat.

And the cherry on top is CHIRON in the anaretic (aka last/super intense) degree of not just PISCES, but of the entire Zodiac. This is a New MOON for the ages.

Image from Healthy Creatures

Yes, MERCURY is stationing direct, (yay) but he's not yet out of shadow so hold your horses just a little while longer, (even tho ARIES has never been known for 'horse holding'). The green light isn't until April 25th. Patience my pretties, you've made it this far, don't risk it all now.

Photo by Ole Salomonsen

MERCURY is stationing in cardinal fire, at 4 ARIES. Via his retrograde, he has backed up all the way to Chiron, who is hovering at the end of PISCES.

It seems that in his role as Psychopomp, or guide he is extending a hand to help CHIRON the Centaur step across the great divide into the first degree of ARIES.

This is a big change and is part of what Australian astrologer Mystic Medusa is calling 'The Transition', referring to both CHIRON and URANUS changing signs for the first time in 7 years, between one New MOON to the next. The very atmosphere we are breathing is about to change. It's all going to feel very different and already we have left the shores that we have known since 2010. CHIRON moves to ARIES on April 17 and URANUS into TAURUS on May 15. In between now and then, we all must do our best to navigate the strange terrain of 'the Transition'.

Hot tip: breathe deep, get enough sleep, cool it on the stimulants as well as the entheogen. Think microdose. This astrology is drug enough and we need to keep our wits about us.

As Mercury stations direct there can often be a burst of clarity that comes, something that was caught in the retrograde swirl can suddenly right itself, show its true colors. Keep an eye out.

Art by Thomas Will

CHIRON is classified as a centaur which is a combination of a comet and an asteroid, and will likely become a planet in about a million years.

He is called the Wounded or Maverick Healer and shows where we have an unhealable wound that we are unable to completely heal for ourselves but one that catalyzes us towards mastery in the sign/house that it’s in. Much like the humble oyster creating a beautiful, nacreous, pearl as a way of protecting itself in response to the constant aggravation of grit in its tender tissues, we become beautiful and whole in our service to others via our acquired mastery, courtesy of CHIRON.

It reminds me of how Martín Prechtel says that we should all be indebted to each other and how Caroline Casey always says that, we need all the estranged players (left, right and center), for true wholeness. Everyone holds a piece of the magic, the truth, and in being in service to each other on a heart and soul level, we can find a new level of health and wholeness, vs this extreme splintered state that we currently suffer from culturally.

Finally, under the category of pleasure, we have VENUS in TAURUS opposite JUPITER in SCORPIO with a trine/sextile into the MARS PLUTO in CAP section of the sky. This is a combination of a strong, physical, sexy vibe, that wants to get down to the business of alignment and transformation. JUPITER is still retrograde so it's re-traversing old terrain. JUPITER doesn't turn direct until July 9, so we have a long time to go in the retrograde cauldron, but it's this opposition to VENUS in TAURUS right now, that potentizes this New MOON with passion and desire. It's a great time to make some really intense art and or love, for its own sake as well as a way to mitigate and deal with some of the rest of this intense energy floating around.

Flower of Life ll, Georgia O'Keefe, 1925

The MOON/month contains a lot of change. Like last month, we start the new MOON at the end of a sign. The SUN leaves ARIES and enters TAURUS just 4 days out. So in the first week of this New MOON we have MERCURY turning direct, CHIRON entering ARIES, the SUN entering TAURUS, and both SATURN and PLUTO stationing retrograde. This is a good time to use the fire to launch new things (after the 25th) but be very careful and methodical and grounded and wise about what you are doing. It's a good time for innovation and progress in thinking and creativity.

We also have a conjunction of MARS and PLUTO on April 25. Circle that day in the calendar in red and take all precautions to avoid conflict and reckless activities (give it a couple of buffer days on each side too).

Whatever else is going on, this is the first New MOON on the spring (north), fall (south) and there is a ton of energy surging right now. Use it. How can you make some simple changes that will improve your life? How about revisiting your goals and cleaning your room? It's a good start.

Signing off,

----* First image at top of page Photo of Mont Saint Michel, from

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