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New Moon/Uranus in Taurus: I Sing the Body Electric

The long awaited, highly anticipated, entry of Uranus (electricity, sudden dramatic changes, all things futuristic, technology, advanced civilization, elevation of whatever it touches) into the sign of Taurus is here.

 The Moon is new at 24 Taurus, the fixed feminine sign of earth, at 4:48am PT, and then Uranus enters Taurus at 8:23am PT. Mother Earth or Gaia is here to receive the inauguration of a new era. It has been 84 years since the last time these two came together.

The world is quite a different place now, as we find ourselves firmly ensconced in an age where little is left untouched by digital technology. Its effects in our lives are unprecedented, and as dazzling and terrifying as it all can seem, we ain't seen nothing yet. Technology is said to double itself every 7 years and that's just how long Uranus will, stay in the sign of Taurus.

Taurus is the sign of beauty, talent, resources, our self-esteem, 

possessions, money and land. It's art and it's music. Taurus is famously resistant to change and is the archetype in charge of holding and preserving and continuing life, in as peaceful a way as possible.

Uranus is the archetype of freedom. It is a catalyst for rebellious unpredictability, and authentic individuality at any cost. It has no regard for the time honored traditions and culture of our ancestors. It is a far seeing, deprogramming, truth teller who knows what it knows and isn't afraid to rock the boat. 

It is an uncompromising culture jammer, here to elevate whatever it touches. It bucks any pressure to conform and it would rather die than surrender it's knowledge of what is, and what should be. It is the very essence of what pushes evolution.

You might notice that in some ways these two archetypes are opposites. What they share is a great stubbornness. There will be adjustments required on both sides.

 Taurus also represents our food supply and thus this transit brings the possibility of elevating our relationship to our food and its sources in new and improved ways. For example Adopt an Alp is an initiative that connects customers who value high quality cheeses directly to farmers who produce seasonal, small, batches of high quality cheeses on remote Alpine 

mountaintops. These are very small scale farmers who only sell their cheeses in villages and local markets and would never be able to connect to potential customers without this innovation. "Consumers pick a mountain on the program's website and then receive photos, emails, and whatsapp updates from the farmers, getting to know the exact cows and people that will produce the cheeses.  Its not just a product the farmers are selling, its a philosophy and a lifestyle."  This is a great application of this incoming frequency and we can look forward to more of the likes.

Think scientific genius applied to earth technologies. The great inventor Nikola Tesla was born with Uranus in Taurus and polymath philosopher and inventor of Biodynamic agriculture Rudolf Steiner embodied the combination with his Venus (ruler of Taurus) in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus). 

Taurus is the sign of the body and the 5 senses which compose our biological operating system. Pleasure is one of the hallmarks and highlights of incarnating into flesh and the expression of this privilege is our sensuality and sexuality. The ruler of Taurus is the planet Venus. Venus is hungry, she craves what she craves and finds ways to draw her desires to her. With this combination, what rings our bell will become the freedom to pursue our truest, most authentic desires, however eccentric they may be. This combination represents the elevation of our sexuality which could find expression in the ancient art of tantra, or whatever really brings you alive. Think electricity running through the body. This is great to a point but in excess can easily become too much and make us feel a little fried, and keep us from sleeping well. Everyone is going to have to find their own lighting rod techniques. There will be surges of high voltage into the body as we adjust to the new normal. This will be extremely enhanced if Uranus makes any strong contacts to planets in your chart. What house is Taurus in? Do you have any planets in this sign? Any planet between zero and 3 degrees will be very activated for the rest of this year, especially in the fixes signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius. 

Some helpful physical tips to take care of your body are: bare feet on the earth, royal jelly to nourish the myelin sheath that insulates our nerve endings, food base B-complex to help the body deal with stress, the Ayurvedic practice of oilenation (rubbing oil all over the skin in the shower and letting it soak in), warm baths with epsom salts and essential oils, massage, and hot springs soaks. 

Taurus is the sign of art and music and as such it is likely that we are entering a very productive and innovative time for the arts. Electronica and the next level of CGI are likely to surge. 

On the same day that the Moon is new and Uranus enters Taurus, Mars our action planet leaves Capricorn to enter Aquarius the sign ruled by Uranus. This seems significant as Uranus and Mars are squared to each other. Squares require action to find harmony between the 2 archetypes. Aquarius is mind and Taurus is body and Aquarius can forget about the body completely and Taurus is content in a sense oriented silence, so there's going to be some work to do. This is a micro version of the next 7 years, and if there are crazy, rapid, introductions of AI or other big technological changes into our lives that we are expected to quickly acclimate to, (especially for older generations who grew up without technology so seamlessly stitched into every part of our lives), the result may be a type of dissociation, a checking out in response and a desired to return back to a simpler Taurean past. Understandable! Or there may be a tendency to create a split between mind and body just to cope. It's important to keep this potential in mind and do what you can to keep your mind and body in communication and harmony with what is happening. Ongoing integration is needed.

Astrologer Ann Ortelee says that the effects of this transition can manifest similar to a Mercury retrograde. Yesterday I was traveling all day and needed to work on this blog post in time for today. I was on an airplane, using a tablet unfamiliar to me, while offline. I spent a bunch of time writing and then leaned over to adjust something in my bag on the floor and sat back up to find that I had erased everything I had written. That's why this is a little late today! So take heed. Treat this like a Mercury retrograde and for the first week or two, be extra careful with anything electronic. Things could get a little weird. Back everything up and be sure you are saving it. 

On a more sobering note, Taurus is earth and Uranus is quakes. In the last week and a half, the Big Island of Hawaii has been both quaking and erupting, there was a 5.9 in the Philippines and there have been many, recent, smallish, quakes on the west coast of the United States. It's definitely possible that this transit may activate the Pacific Rim's Ring of Fire. As a West coaster, I'd certainly rather that not be the case but potentizing this possibility is the square of Mars to Uranus at this ingress of Uranus into Taurus. May Gaia be able to release her pressure and get some much needed spinal adjustments in more frequent, smaller, less destructive ways rather than anything massive.

Finally (though there will be much more to say about this combination over the coming years), there has long been a desire by some of the elites to transfer the human mind and consciousness into a computer as a way of outsmarting death. Timothy Leary, the great piped piper of LSD and altered states of consciousness was a big proponent of this idea. Perhaps this is coming. Even on a more mundane level, AI or artificial intelligence has become more and more a part of our everyday lives. With "Smart" technology like Alexa you can already place the running and operation of many household appliances in the hands of AI. Despite the convenience, it's not terribly hard to imagine where this sort of thing could go wrong.

This is most certainly a New Moon for the ages, one to be used to set very powerful intentions. Our work at hand is to develop our individuality in our bodies, our land and our resources. One of the questions to ask as we go, is "What is my physical truth?" Where might you need to separate from the tribe, to break the consensus rules in order to follow your own path. What is at a breaking point in the earth realm? What can you no longer tolerate? Where is it time to break the invisible chains of convention in order to be true to yourself? Where has materialism become a representative of your own self-worth? Can you see how that limits you? Chart your course for the next 7 years in a way that frees you to become the best and greatest person you can be. 

Many blessings on your upcoming discoveries and hard won freedoms.

Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer


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