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The Cross-Pollinating New Moon

Before anything else, let's talk about this stationing Mars energy. SO intense! This time of the year already has a kind of PMS feeling to it as we build and build and build towards Summer Solstice in the north. But this last week also contained a Venus Pluto opposition which, combined with the Mars station has rattled a lot of relationships. Now, the Moon is new with Venus at the last (anaretric/super charged) degree of Cancer, still affected by Pluto, on the North Node.

Translation: emotions are riding high with this new Moon.

Just 2 hours later Venus moves into Leo, into square (by sign and degree) with Uranus, who is still getting the hang of Taurus and will definitely notice. We too shall notice, are already noticing. Its a tough time! What a Mars station is like is an ambulance stuck in traffic. It really wants to move and it's letting everyone know it in no uncertain terms. When a planet stations to change direction, it slows way down and beams its energy down much more intensely than normal. Volatility can happen. Voices raise, people who are usually chill are suddenly not chill, it's hard to dodge. Do your best to make cooling choices with your thoughts, the colors you're dressing in, the food you're eating. Mind and body are, after, one.

I'll talk more about this Mars retrograde as we get into it, but for now, I advise having it on your radar. Things are not business as usual. Its presence on the South Node makes it penetrate even deeper. The recent celebrity suicides are indicators. Be gentle with yourselves and keep an eye on your people. If you know someone is having a hard time right now, reach out. Let's keep an eye and heart on each other through this hot passage.  We won't be completely back to normal until mid-September. 

Now about this Moon...

The SUN (our vital essence) the MOON (our deepest emotions) and MERCURY (our mind) are fused together in Gemini and Cancer at this new Moon at 22 degrees Gemini, making a hard square to NEPTUNE, and is the seed born for our next 28 day cycle.  It is a mix of air and water.


 The Super (closer to Earth) Moon is new on June 13, at 12:43pm PT/3:43pm ET.  This cycle will include the solar zenith of the year in the northern hemisphere, also called Summer  Solstice, and the solar nadir in the southern hemisphere, or Winter Solstice. The longest day or the longest night.

In Pagan mythology, Summer Solstice is when the Great Goddess and the Great Horned God come together in a sexual and emotional union so complete that it results in the Horned God's death (la petite mort).

The syncretizing, cross-pollination of all the different elements of our past, present, and future that we have to work with in life, in order to create our own current, vital mythology is extra potent now. We are in essence swirling it all together in the great cauldron-womb of the divine, which allows us to birth something new.

It's how we continue to evolve. The time of Gemini is perfect for this. 

Gemini is considered mutable air and its not too difficult to imagine how changeable that is. Gemini is like quicksilver, shimmering and reflecting and taking the shape of whatever it is interested in, to try it on for size, in order to learn about life. 

Gemini is loquacious and outwardly directed like a pollinating butterfly,

it also rules the hands and lungs.

It needs to see and taste and try it all to understand life. Then it wants to name it all. What it doesn't really do is organize it, which is the domain of its Mercury ruled, sister-sign Virgo. Gemini is called the twins. It is the sign of siblings and it is correlated to the Lovers card in Tarot.

This all shows its dualistic nature.

In my experience, Gemini is more than just dual,

it's a multifaceted jewel that catches the light

on each new facet as it turns. 

Famously Born under a Gemini Moon:

 Albrecht Durer, MC Escher, Amelia Earhart, Harry Houdini, Haruki Murakami, Jim Carrey, Sigmund Freud, Dostoyevsky, Florence Welch, George Carlin, and Ursula Le Guin. Immense, adaptable, talent.

"I'm a choir girl gone horribly, desperately wrong."

- Florence Welch, Gemini Moon

“People who deny the existence of dragons are often eaten by dragons.

From within.” - Ursula K. Le Guin, Gemini Moon

Gemini natives are known for their brilliant, talent, verbal dexterity, adaptability, and ingenuity, as well as their incredible humor and deft wit.

"Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?" - George Carlin, Gemini Moon

Gemini is also known for having different sides to its personality that it isn't necessarily aware of. The work for Gemini wherever it is found (planets in Gemini, the 3rd house and anything in strong aspect to Mercury) is integration. The material must be brought in and made a part of you, or it just stays in the shallow end. As the ruling planet of this New Moon is Mercury we look to its placing in this New Moon chart for instructions how to ground and integrate. Mercury is conjunct this Moon but it's newly in Cancer, which tells that in order to integrate and ground we must feel all the feelings, not just think all the thoughts. No hovering, it's time to dive into the wellsprings of emotion that Cancer teaches us about. It's about your personal feelings, no one else's. 


This New Moon also features another prominent duality, Venus (love) and Mars (passion/war) our feminine and masculine planets are in opposition on the Nodal Axis, while Mars is stationing. The transiting nodal axis is astro-shorthand for our collective emotional DNA and what most prominently needs to be felt by the collective, and actually can't really be avoided due to the natural amplification that nodal contacts bring to planets. This swirl of Mars and Venus calls into focus our own masculine and feminine natures. Again what we are seeking is integration, but through a process of extremes. Summer Solstice is the most extreme light, so it's time to use it to really see what we haven't been wanting to see, or to let yourself be seen in ways that you normally do not allow. Use the light to your advantage. Is your masculine side in need of feeding? Or perhaps your feminine side is in deficit?  


 To recap: This new cycle begins tomorrow and contains a stationing Mars in Aquarius opposite Venus in Leo, on the Nodes, squared by Uranus. Relationships are in the cook-pot! It's time to bring your best to any interactions or processes that need to take place.

By the 27th, Mars will be moving retrograde and we will spend the next 11 weeks learning about how we use our fire in the world, and how to elevate this part of ourselves. 

If you're concerned/curious about where this will be happening in your chart, book a reading and we'll dive in. As well we will be entering Eclipse Season by the next new Moon and that's another thing to be prepared for via a transit reading. 

All the best to you! 

Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer


1. Daisy Patton, Untitled (The Gardener)

2. foodstories from instagram

3. Keith Webber

4. artist unknown

5. Pintrest, artist unknown

6. artist unknown

7. Georges Rochegrosse,Le chevalier aux fleurs/The Knight of the Flowers, 1894

8. from sta-vetrav on ig

9. From Useless Magic by Florence Welch

10. Photo by Kevin Morgans

11. pintrest, artist unknown


13. Ursula Le Guin from The New Yorker

14. from Jessica Murray- Mothersky Astrology

15. Diptych by Paetra Tauchert, 2018

16. artist unknown

17.Art by Bethany van Rijswijk on etsy

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