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Last Eclipse as Moon is Reborn in Leo

What is a New Moon? When the Sun and Moon reach the same degree of the same sign. It happens once a month (moon being the root word of month) and always brings fresh new beginnings. This one, at 18 degrees Leo, on August 11 at 2:58am PDT also includes Mercury in a partial New Moon solar eclipse. This eclipse falls on the North Node so it is 'hot' and growth filled. Where does it land in your chart? Ask me if you don't know. There is a big energizing of this sector of your life. The square of Jupiter to the Sun and the Moon tells us that the impact of this New Moon will be HUGE. The energy of this eclipse is gentler than the last one, but eclipses are intense any way you slice them. They take us out of the normal way of seeing, as our lights/luminaries are eclipsed and the deep space can enter our consciousness to effect change. This one is full of creative and sexual tension and needs a good outlet. It's full of heart and is pushing you in a new direction. Let it.

Also in the news, Uranus, the planet of awakening and change has stationed at 3 degrees of Taurus in order to turn retrograde joining Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. Perhaps you have felt something in the air........

There is so much moving backwards right now that it makes the prograde planets (Venus, Jupiter) look like the weirdos. By the way, the Sun and Moon are never retrograde.

Venus has entered Libra, the sign of love and loveliness, and her home placing.

Libra loves to love, but as she is a set with Aries, the god of war, she can also be a troublemaking trickster in relationship, swinging from extreme to extreme, as she learns about balance and harmony, togetherness and distance, but the focus is definitely on a desire for the presence of the 'other', in order to grow through love.

She is square Saturn at this New Moon, which is a somewhat chilly aspect that requires a great deal of attention to whether or not this relationship is in alignment, and can make you feel aloof and alone.

It's not a time to gloss over the details, in any partnership. If there are things that are off, this is a time to bring them to the table in a desire for greater and deeper harmony promoted by this node of discomfort.

She is also trine Mars and opposing Chiron so there is some emphasis placed on mental, exploratory, social flirtation right now, though the Chiron Mars retro vibe throws in old wounds that may need to be remembered and processed to allow healing and moving forward.

Mars has retrograded back to 00 degrees Aquarius and is square to stationing Uranus as we begin this lunation, which is a very strong activation of issues around personal power and individuation from the group, not relying on the herd. Trying to find a new and better way to be in your body, using your mind and other resources.

Mars reenters Capricorn on August 12th indicating that now it's time to begin to review how we operate in the world as our most public selves. In these last two weeks of our Mars retrograde journey, emphasis now shifts to our inner-truth structure, that which underpins our life, and how we operate in the world from that place. It's time to review our manner of planning, thinking, and organizing.... but beware of over working. It's a good time to seek council with or counsel from an elder/master in the field in which you work, and to look for ways to take greater responsibility in your life, in order to be a stronger member of society. This degree reconnects us to the 3rd week of March of this year, and there may be some themes from that time that return now, needing to be reconsidered.

As Uranus stations, it is trine to Saturn who is also retrograde, giving some grounding and a chance to test any changes that Uranus has wrought so far in its Taurean journey that began in mid-May. Look back over the past 3 months and evaluate; what has changed? Is the new path one that you feel sure-footed on? If not, the next 3 months are going to be an opportunity to rework things.

This new Moon occurs just over a week past Lammas, the cross-quarter day that signifies the entrance into autumn in the northern hemisphere, earliest spring in the southern hemisphere. The turning of the wheel takes us into the beginning of the northern harvest season.

After this New Moon eclipse, we have two weeks to go until we close this chapter of "Eclipse Season" as well as our Mars retrograde, though we won't be out of station completely until September 8. This is when we will have access to a very powerful, newly cleansed, and purged Mars who will be ready to go. Use these last two weeks consciously as we are only given a Mars retrograde every two years. The next one won't be until September of 2020.

Sending love and well wishes,

Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer


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