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The Full Moon of the Divine

Once a year we get a Full Moon like no other: Pisces!

Whenever you find a Pisces Moon in life, it is the sweetest, silliest, most mystical, and empathic Moon there is.

If you know any one born under a Pisces Moon, you know what I am talking about. This Moon loves everyone and is impossible not to love in return.

She is full at 3 degrees Pisces on August 26 at 4:45am PT/7:45am ET.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is said to contain all of the other signs as it has lived through them all. Pisces is the dreamer who feels a deep kinship with all of creation. She is impressionable, full of imagination, and prone to martyrdom due to difficulty in separating herself from others' pain. Jesus was the avatar of the Age of Pisces and his teachings were very in keeping with the Piscean spirit.

The Sun has just entered the mutable earth sign of Virgo. She has long been seen as a Goddess in the heavens, holding her sheaves of wheat, representing the harvested wisdom from the fields of experience.

Vali Myers, the Witch of Positano

born with Neptune and Venus in Virgo

Virgo follows Leo. which is the peak of the growth of the year in the north, when all of our efforts of seed planting and care have come to fruition (or not) and we celebrate the creativity and generosity of life. With Virgo, we quietly realize that winter is coming, and we begin to efficiently prepare. Virgo is when we evaluate the seeds that we have harvested and must decide the ratio of what is to be eaten over the winter to sustain us and our families and what is to be kept aside in order to have enough to plant in the springtime for the next year. This may sound like a minor detail in the modern world where we are mostly removed from the farming that puts food on our plates and in our bellies, but in the not so distant past, this decision could determine if your family and community survived the winter to begin another agrarian cycle the next spring. This is why Virgo is so serious about working hard, doing a good job. At its root, it is a life or death matter.

Virgo wants to roll up their sleeves and fix, improve, and purify everything, and is not afraid of the hard work that it will take to get there.

Virgo is the archetype where we learn that we need to meet God halfway. Pisces is Virgo's pair and in the Pisces view, God has it all under control. We just need to 'let go and let God'.

Virgo says, 'that sounds amazing, and.... not so fast'.

If we just follow the Piscean way and trust that 'it's all good' and 'God will take care of me', we will have to learn the hard way that in this world parasites take advantage of us if we do not protect ourselves. Emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual parasites can and do occur on any level. Like it or not, this world has a predator and prey aspect to it and we must develop strong immune systems to keep ourselves safe and healthy. God meets us exactly halfway. God helps those who helps themselves is a Virgo tenet if ever there was one.

Pisces is the sign that is the closest to God. It represents the great cosmic womb of the universe from which we all came, and to which we shall return and is closer to that original paradise than most. Pisces is a transpersonal and passive archetype, well represented by the 'Hanged Man' in the Tarot Deck, which essentially says, 'You might as well go with the flow, your will cannot be asserted in this situation'.

Pisces is where we feel that we can completely trust God to take care of everything. Life is easy, golden and perfect. We are in a blissful state, merged with God. This is awesome, until it isn't and then we realize that we need something more, that paradise is overrated and we are getting bug bites and sunburned. This is where Virgo comes in and says that it is part of God's plan that humans intervene. Pisces is the original design of nature that is always the great reset button, desperately needed when we take our human intervention too far.

This Pisces Full Moon is linked in with the energy of "Boots on the ground, do your best" and "Wake tf up and get in your body'. Pisces Moon can easily forget it has a body and just enter the bliss realm and VIRGO PISCES can represent a spirit/body split. Not with this Moon. This Moon wants us to take responsibility for ourselves and to speak up for our truth. This is a Moon that wants to marry science with spirituality and make babies that will help us get out of the dire circumstances we seem to have found ourselves in these days.

While we are in the domain of Virgo we will be using our best reductionist powers to diagnose any problems and to apply the remedies, in order to do our best to achieve optimal health. Virgo governs the underrated realm of daily self-care tasks that support and promote physical and mental health. This is a month to tend to your self. Do the deep clean, shed, organize in preparation for the change of seasons; fall and winter will bring us in in the north and spring and summer will bring us out in the south.

The other big news I am happy to report is that we are beginning to unwind all of these retrograding planets. Mercury stationed direct on August 18, and cleared its station on August 23.

Mars, the planet of forward motion and vigor is already in station and turns direct just 1 day after this Full Moon, wrapping up 8 weeks of retrogradation.

These 2 planets righting themselves immediately benefit our communication (Mercury) and our drive (Mars). The metaphor I like to use for retrogrades is that of a bow and arrow.

As a planet turns retrograde it is like the action of pulling the arrow back with the bow string, and when it turns direct we release the arrow and what has been held back now flies forward clearly and directly with renewed purpose and vigor.

Mars will not clear its station degree until September 5, so you are advised to wait until then to launch any new major projects. Then you will have the wind in your sail. Congratulations for surviving the long Mars retrograde married to the tumultuous eclipse season. This Full Moon marks us officially leaving eclipse season until next year.

Mercury in Leo square Jupiter Scorpio

At the moment of the Full Moon on the west coast, Mercury in Leo is on the ascendant, newly recharged and extra loud. It's done its underworld work and is now ready to talk about it. Jupiter in Scorpio prefers that things are done a little less loudly, a little more in the shadows and Leo wants none of that. Leo is the light of the Sun and Scorpio is the sign of mystery and darkness. You can see why they are square. But they do respect each other's power and maybe Jupiter in Scorpio could benefit from a little light being shone into its process, and maybe Mercury in Leo can calm down a little bit and not be so afraid of the dark. Working together, there is a message from within that wants to emerge with this Full Moon, possibly in a dream as Jupiter is also trine Neptune. Pay attention.

Jupiter Scorpio trine Neptune Pisces

This juicy trine has been happening off and on for a while now and it's back on. This combo wants us to make an emotional-spiritual connection. It is a combination of fate and free will. Neptune in Pisces is about accepting fate, accepting what is not in your control, while Jupiter in Scorpio is about making a conscious effort to transform your life for big, new opportunities.

We're all trying to find balance between what we can change and what we're trying you accept. At its best, this combination can transform darkness into light. Let's call that in shall we? That would be helpful right about now.

Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn tells us that there are some issues that are rising to the surface in partnerships that need to be examined in order to allow for deeper harmony. Secrets may be revealed and some things may need to be purged, and there may be some power struggles, but if both people truly want the relationship to work, then there will be a way through. If not, this could be a breaking point.

The seasons are changing, which is a good time to check in about your transits for the rest of the year. Schedule a reading and we will talk all about your current cycles and how to best work with them.

Happy Organizing and Deep Cleaning!

Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer

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