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New Moon in VIRGO

The MOON becomes new on Tuesday night, September 19 PDT, at 27 degrees VIRGO.

The Sabian Symbol for the 27th degree of VIRGO is:


Well, well, well... just in time for the wondrous witchy season of Halloween.

This New MOON predates the Autumnal Equinox in the north by just 3 days, so I'd imagine that these fine aristocratic ladies are discussing the nature of the year as it reaches the balance between the dark and the light, that is Mabon (Autumn Equinox).

More about Mabon to come...

But first, we shall enrich ourselves with a discussion of this New MOON.

New MOONs happen once a month (unless it's the rare twice a month event which is called a 'Blue Moon'), and are always potent seeding periods for the coming MOON/MONTH/CYCLE.

It's when the MOON is in conjunction with the SUN and invisible from EARTH.

VIRGO is the sign of the healer, the herbalist, the gardener, the cloistered monk, the seeker and keeper of knowledge gleaned from experience.

At the point of this NEW MOON, VENUS has just entered VIRGO, joining MARS, SUN, MOON, MERCURY. That is a LOT of VIRGO.

VIRGO is quality control, high standards, making sure that things work well and are healthy. This approach is a fundamental basis for a healthy and sane life.

We are about to complete the phase of the year in the north where the Sun/light is dominant and as such, it's proper to spend a little time in mediation, going inside.

House cleaning happens inside and out, so spend a little time meditating on what is no longer serving you on the inside; habits, thoughts, addictions.

The addiction theme is particularly up, as the polarity point of VIRGO is NEPTUNE, and NEPTUNE is (among other things) the planet of addiction.

But let's look at why. NEPTUNE is where we came from, our pre-incarnational fusion with GOD. Paradise, bliss, it's all good and provided. We can't help but long for that primordial state at times, and in those times, we can be inclined to reach for a "toxic-mimic"(Caroline Casey term) to soothe and make us feel connected to spirit. Indeed one of the names for alcohol is 'spirits', laying the metaphor bare.

A little soothing here and there is fine and good, it's when balance is lost that there becomes cause for concern. An attempt to stuff the gaping existential hole with: food, alcohol, substances, shopping, sex... you get the idea. In excess, anything can become a crutch that takes us away from our health, sanity and well-being, and as this New MOON is square SATURN, opposing CHIRON, it's not a time to get away with things that are unhealthy.

Santa/Saturn is watching!

NEPTUNE in PISCES will be opposing MERCURY in VIRGO on the NEW MOON and then opposing MARS in VIRGO on September 24. The desire to escape from our worldly troubles is likely to be strong. See if you can find a healthier version, in honor of this über VIRGO New MOON. How about taking a trip to visit the seashore, or a river, or a big hike out into the wild? What about a visit to a local museum as a way to lift yourself up and out of the mundane?

We can honor NEPTUNE by paying attention to our dreams and keeping a dream journal.

Reading books by Robert A. Johnston, (Jungian analyst and author) such as He, She, and We is another way to tap into the deeper levels of myth and symbols that are NEPTUNE's language.

Hermetic VIRGO paves the way for social LIBRA, and the time of the year when we emerge, seeking fuel and nourishment from others. Honor this VIRGO NEW MOON by tending to your own personal needs, in preparation for interaction with others and their needs.

This is a self-care New MOON, use it wisely!

With Vulcan Lunar Love,


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