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Venus Enters the Heart of the Sun

On October 26, Venus reaches the midpoint of her medicine journey. This takes place at 3 degrees SCORPIO as she conjuncts the heart of the SUN. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is A YOUTH HOLDING A LIGHTED CANDLE IN A DEVOTIONAL RITUAL GAINS A SENSE OF THE GREAT ‘OTHER WORLD’. This is the power of SCORPIO, sounding the depths with emotional echo-location, in the direction of healing and growth. 

This lovely pentagram design is made by the path that VENUS travels around the SUN from the perspective of EARTH. It takes 8 years to complete, and each one of the star-flower points indicates the peak of a retrograde period such as we will have on October 26, as VENUS conjuncts the heart of the SUN. 

Now, in her evening star phase, she is positioned in between EARTH and the SUN, and is lost from view as she approaches the inferior conjunction into the glowing heart of the SUN. In early November, she will gloriously reemerge as the morning star. Many cultures throughout history have tracked the compelling VENUS journey from morning to evening star. 

This Full MOON perfects at 9:45am on the West Coast at 1 degree TAURUS conjunct URANUS. This is a tantric Full MOON if ever there was one, it wants to be electrified in the body in the best way.  

The job of this TAURUS Full MOON, is to merge spirit into flesh, sky with EARTH. TAURUS is where we embody our self-worth. TAURUS represents our natural born talents that we can use to generate resources to support ourselves on the material plane. It is a very self-sufficient archetype focused on grounding and adapting to life.

TAURUS is inviting spirit into the 5 senses and enjoying the sensuality of living in a body. The presence of URANUS here plugs our bodies into a high voltage current. 

The TAURUS part of us is focused on emotional and physical self-sufficiency and is very skilled at sustaining things, so skilled that TAURUS does not know when to quit. This is a lesson it must learn from its polarity, SCORPIO.

The theme of this Full MOON is what is worth sustaining, and what is coming to a natural, exhausted, end? It's only in letting some things go that we can have room for rebirth and renewal. The lightning flash of URANUS helps us to clearly see the terrain and the work we are doing. Once we see it clearly, we cannot un-see it. We must move forward.

TAURUS follows ARIES. In ARIES we are struggling into existence,  learning to take charge of our destiny, pushing away from the womb of PISCES. There is a constant battle with ARIES. In TAURUS, we are integrating and stabilizing the form that was born with the ARIES spark, for as long as possible.

TAURUS is trying to postpone death. It is in an eternal tango with SCORPIO, the sign of death. They are equally powerful, it's quite the dance.

TAURUS is famously attuned to beauty because the deeper meaning of it is that right proportions are beautiful. We instinctively know this and gravitate towards beauty as we do towards our life-giving SUN.

There are natural laws to beauty, and techniques like Feng Shui utilize this.

Fact: When something is done right, it makes you feel good.

This Full MOON is a URANUS in TAURUS progress report. On November 7, URANUS will retrograde back into ARIES for 4 months. URANUS entered TAURUS in May 2018, and since then it has been hard at work, elevating the TAURUS archetype to a new level, whether TAURUS likes it or not.

The purpose of TAURUS is longevity while the goal of URANUS is advancement, but they both equally need something truthful, reliable, and dependable. These are our guides now. 

This Full MOON squares her own Nodes of Fate, and when the MOON’S Nodes are involved, it means the hand of destiny is at play.

The Nodes are a portal; the gates open and the soul comes in. The North and South NODES always function together in opposition, and it is they that determine our eclipse cycles. In India, the NODES are called the Head and Tail of the Dragon. They are not planets, but very powerful points defined by the intersection of the journeys of the Earth around the Sun and the Moon around the Earth.

This MOON makes a Grand Cross to the Nodes of Fate in LEO and AQUARIUS.

The planets that form the square to the Nodal Axis can bring crisis or the restoration of balance, sometimes both.

In this case, the sacred geometry of this Full MOON weaves together themes of:

Being given a special mission around creativity and children, and the ability to create essential changes in your life, This mission asks us to tune into our own rhythm and may involve feminine, emotional power, and intensity. This mission is to heal our unresolved emotional trauma via creating a sense of safety and familiarity around us, with what we already have. This mission may involve unresolved relationships from the past, resurfacing. With this VENUS retrograde, long-lost soulmates who dramatically impacted your life may reappear in some way.

This Full MOON is rooted in higher knowledge and intellectual creativity. There may be a sense of feeling out of sync and rhythm with the world around us. That is ok as long as we are in sync with our own internal rhythms.

This MOON is asking us to have patience with our emotional body, to accept what we cannot control, be ok with what we don't know. This MOON says it's ok to be in a place of vulnerability instead of being on top of a situation. Everything keeps turning and changing on the Wheel of Fortune card that represents our lives on Earth. Our nervous systems need care. Get extra sleep whenever possible. On Hallow's Eve, we are officially between the worlds and the veil is so thin right now. As we change seasons once again, it's time for immune boosters. Cook astragalus root and nettles into your broths. Organic bone broth is excellent nourishment.

Eat citrus for vitamin C, get bodywork to help with the emotional integration of this intense time. Halloween kicks it off the whirlwind of the holidays, and we need to prepare ourselves.

The SUN is now in SCORPIO, joining MERCURY, VENUS, and JUPITER. The archetype of SCORPIO speaks to us of our deepest needs. LIBRA and SCORPIO are where we start to face the limitation of ourselves, which draws us towards someone else. There is an intensity in SCORPIO that we don’t find anywhere else.

We feel our hunger with SCORPIO, but acknowledging it is risky and exposes us to danger. SCORPIO is the *mad, bad, and dangerous to know sign, though the connection with them can be so intensely fulfilling that it's often worth the risk.

*This phrase was said about the poet Lord Byron, born with a wide Venus Pluto conjunction.

Scorpio is the archetype of death, which is in essence, something reaching its own limits. The purpose of death is to destroy that which is exhausted, saturated, completed. It is an essential part of life. They are two sides of the same coin. Without death life is unsustainable. 

The SCORPIO part of us cannot delude ourselves, we cannot outrun the pain,

as it's the very ingredient that we need to grow. With SCORPIO, facing limitation is what opens the gates to power. With denial, the gates stay closed. Our weaknesses are our limits, and it is only in hitting them that we can grow. 

SCORPIO is always looking for what's missing.

This truth is the engine of SCORPIO growth and transformation. It is what makes SCORPIO so powerful. As you solve your problems, you grow. You add something new to your life, you get out of your box.

VENUS in SCORPIO needs to redefine relationship all the time, it must be in constant motion, it cannot stagnate. The plus is that it creates very exciting and growth-filled relationships; the SCORPIO part of us needs to be challenged by someone who will penetrate us to the core.

The shadow side of SCORPIO is when someone is not giving, only taking. 

Here we find the vampires with hidden agendas. Their modus operandi is emotional dishonesty, to not feel hungry and powerless, they may use blackmail and destruction.

The upshot of  SUN, MERCURY, VENUS,  and JUPITER all in SCORPIO is; if you start taking care of business when you feel the discomfort, then you won't have to get sick. You just do what has to be done earlier on. SCORPIO teaches us to make the best of any difficulty that we are going through. Just keep on going, through the darkness, to find where the light switch is. You have to touch the pain to heal the pain. This is SCORPIO medicine.

During the next 4 weeks of VENUS in SCORPIO retrograde, we all need to work on our close, one-on-one, relationships. The next two weeks include the last part of our once every 12 years transit of JUPITER in SCORPIO. This is the turbo booster on all of this work. Things will shift in tone and theme as soon as JUPITER enters SAGITTARIUS on November 8. Stay tuned for more on that.

This transit is like the Olympics for deep relationship work. If you don't use it, you are missing the boat. The last time VENUS was retro in SCORPIO was 2010. The next time will be in another 8 years, and the next time JUPITER will be in SCORPIO is 2029. You have to face the limitation, to outgrow the limitation. No denial is affordable here, but the payoff for doing this work is immense. 

Are you feeling the pull of the close of the year? This is an excellent time to look at the transits cycles that you are in now, what is coming, and how to best work with it all. Schedule a reading today.

Happy Halloween, the gateway into winter in the north and summer in the south,

 Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer

This is my favorite Halloween thing, from 1929. Click to watch


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