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A Change of Direction & Themes

The MOON is New on November 7 at 8:02am, West Coast time at 15 degrees SCORPIO, which makes it not only our New MOON, but also Lunar Halloween. We are still in SCORPIO time, which has been a colossal theme all year since JUPITER entered SCORPIO last October, but the dial has been turned way up to high since VENUS entered SCORPIO on September 9, and went retrograde on October 5. Now, we are about to have some massive shifts in the themes and tone of life. First off, this New MOON carries the God of Abundance planet JUPITER, from SCORPIO into his own domicile, the sign of SAGITTARIUS. He won't be back in SCORPIO until 2029, and he hasn't been in SAG since 2007.

This is worth celebrating! Wherever JUPITER is in the zodiac, he's blowing doors off hinges. For the last year, he's been blowing open doors concealing the underworld. Things that were long hidden became seen and known. JUPITER in SCORPIO has spent its final month conjoined with VENUS in SCORPIO retrograde, taking this unique and exceedingly profound energy all the way.

"It has been a growth by confrontation kind of year. A wisdom through confrontation kind of year. A development of faith through encounters with battle, with severing, with risk, intensity, and courage kind of year".

The associated assignments have been taking us to our personal and collective edges, indicated by VENUS's opposition to change maker URANUS and square to the NODAL AXIS. No relationship has been spared this laser-like approach to what is and isn't working in close partnerships. Truths have been revealed, people from the past have reappeared with various intents and messages, and the murky pond has been deeply stirred, temporarily obscuring the light. Yet now, some rays are beginning to penetrate the darkness.

MERCURY our planetary God of communication entered SAGITTARIUS the day before HALLOWEEN, and is waiting to escort King JOVE into his mutable fire sign. JUPITER is home in SAG, and they share many of the same qualities. JUPITER is called the Greater Benefic because it is the most conducive to life, it has the fertility of Zeus. SAG is the expansive fire of the spiritual quest. SAG believes there is more to life than what is currently being shown and is well on his way to explore it in as expansive a way as possible.

After the deep, underground chambers of SCORPIO, SAG shoots its fiery arrows out of the swamp, towards the life-giving SUN. After spending time in the sign of death, JUPITER's changing of the guard represents the return of optimism, faith, and the search for meaning. SAGITTARIUS brings a daring, radiant impetuosity to our lives. SAG/JUPITER doesn't follow the rules of the state, it follows the higher law of the divine, emphasizing truth and fairness. After a year of turning over rocks and seeing who slithered out into the harsh and revealing light of the #metoo world stage, now we begin a year of justice (JUPITER SAG) and accountability (SATURN CAP). Stay tuned for this theme over and over in this next year.

On November 6, the NODES of the MOON complete their time in LEO/AQUARIUS. This is another significant shift.

We wrap up the LEO AQUA themes of:

the Generous King and the Visionary Rebel,

the Heart Centered Queen and the Eccentric Inventor,

the Performer and the Audience,

and we enter the domain of CANCER CAPRICORN.

Wherever the NODES are traveling is where our collective, karmic, and emotional work will be sourced.

The new themes are:

the Child and the Adult,

the Goddess and the Patriarch,

Family/Tribe/Clan and the Government.

Issues around safety and security will become even more prominent as the CANCER archetype is now our North Node of Destiny. This is the focal point of our collective growth. Ultimately we want to transcend the poles and integrate the themes of both in our hearts and in our lives.

Meanwhile, we will jump back and forth between them.

The NORTH NODE in CANCER is about care and concern such as the world greatly needs right now, for its refugees, for its flora and fauna and for ourselves, denizens of this stressed out planet. Here is our mascot for our time with the North Node of evolution in the caring sign of CANCER:

Each year in Italy, grazing animals are moved from high pastures down to the plains. Newborn lambs are unable to make this journey on their own. Instead, they ride in pouches of a specially made saddle on the back of a donkey or a mule nanny. They are taken down at rest stops and returned to their mothers for a bite to eat and a bit of nuzzling. Let’s build a culture that supports all of life.

But wait, there's more! On the same day that the NODES change signs (Nov 6), so does URANUS. Traveling retrograde, it has reentered the last degree of ARIES to finish up any final remaining missions there. Voting is one of them. ARIES is our warrior sign, so this signature brings fighting for change and progress and this we shall do until March of 2019 when URANUS will enter TAURUS for the rest of its 7 year stay.

At the moment of the New MOON, we have a whole cast of characters in the very last degrees of the signs they're in.







This means that there is much chattering at the threshold amongst our Gods and Goddesses.

They are all buzzing with the comings and goings into different

territories. It's a fertile time for change in our lives.

Checking back in with Lady VENUS on her intrepid journey to the underworld, we are reminded that she started in SCORPIO, turned retrograde and then met with the SUN. In her merging into the heart of the SUN (called Cazimi), she disappeared from view entirely. Last week, she passed back into LIBRA and has now re-emerged into view, as the morning star.

How cool is that? No wonder she's the planet of Love and other good stuff. She's the Lesser Benefic to JUPITER's Greater Benefic. Both bring increase, wealth and abundance by fostering life and growth.

The shift from VENUS in SCORPIO to VENUS in LIBRA is pretty extreme in vibe, though both are hungry for growth brought on by engaging with the other. Both relationship signs, but SCORPIO is a fixed water sign of the emotional body and LIBRA is a cardinal air sign of the mind.

VENUS in SCORPIO does the emotional dredging work, and VENUS in LIBRA has the capacity, interest, and diplomacy to begin to discuss what SCORPIO hath wrought from the darkness into the light. There is more perspective possible now, with VENUS in a sign of the mind. VENUS doesn't love to be in SCORPIO, as it is the sign of her detriment, but there are importance and medicine in all the placings. In SCORPIO there is work to be done.

VENUS does love to be in LIBRA, where she is home. Here she is filled with grace and beauty and is supremely oriented to partnership. She needs the other to function and grow and create.. After the Sturm und Drang of the last month, meeting with the SUN and returning to her home sign does her and us a world of good.

The work is not over, as she is retrograde until mid-November and remains in opposition to trickster planet URANUS, eternally bent on progress and upgrade, till the first week of December. With a combined square to the NODAL AXIS, they form an ongoing grand cross, a signature which has given people a run for their money since mid-October.

VENUS URANUS brings the message of relentless change for the better in partnership, personal resources, and self-esteem. Where are you still stuck? Where are you in a holding pattern? Let the medicine of now work its magic on you. Trust the process.

I leave you with this blessing from the great poet John O'Donohue,

for our time with the healing archetype of CANCER as our guiding light:

You have traveled too fast over false ground;

Now your soul has come to take you back.

Take refuge in your senses,

open up to all the small miracles you rushed through.

Become inclined to watch the way of rain

When it falls slow and free.

Imitate the habit of twilight,

Taking time to open the well of color

That fostered the brightness of day.

Draw alongside the silence of stone

Until its calmness can claim you.

Be excessively gentle with yourself.

With love,

Paetra Tauchert Astrologer

PS Heads up! MERCURY stations to turn retrograde on November 13 and VENUS stations to turn direct on the 12th. These are extra tricky times for money, negotiations, and agreements. If you are able, wait to make any big moves, purchases or agreements until after November 20.


1 Organic Geomtery on FB

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4 Merakilabbe on IG

5 artist unknown

6 Tintype of a man and child's hands, 1875 artist unknown

7 Photo by Medeamoon

8 Valkyrie by Arthur Rackham

9 Dan May

10 Adam Oehlers

11 thewildfeminine on IG

12 artist unknown

13 Charlie Bowater

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