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Giving Thanks for the Jupiter Full Moon

Our MOON grows full at 9:39 pm PT on November 22 at zero degrees GEMINI opposite the zero degree SAGITTARIUS SUN conjunct JUPITER, on American Thanksgiving. Considering the Full MOON could fall anywhere from 0-30 degrees, the zero point is interesting. You know what else? The following 3 Full MOONS are also at zero degrees of their signs. This is unusual synchronicity. The entry degree of a sign is incredibly potent, as it is the birth point and contains all possibility. It is akin to a New MOON energy, the birth of a new cycle. Thus we are synthesizing New and Full MOON energies together for the next 4 months (until Spring Equinox in the north, Autumnal Equinox in the South).

All this while URANUS does its final stretch in ARIES.

It feels like this:

Prepare for a fiesty 4 months.

Under what do you need to light a spark?

We can use both the New MOONS and the Full MOONS for magic and focused prayer by creating a MOON altar. It can be quite simple. A mirror, a bowl, a silver coin... you get the idea. Make offerings of rainwater, of candles, of copal, of flowers. Feed it often and ask for the MOON'S support in your new endeavors. 

The SUN has just entered SAGITTARIUS (1:02am PT Nov 22) and although JUPITER entered SAG on the 8 of November, his official launch is when he meets with the SUN KING of our solar system. 

This will take place on SUNday, November 25 at 10:26pm PT. This is wildly expansive energy that initiates us into the next 11 months. JUPITER is the Great Benefic, the bringer of the greatest blessings, he is happily home in SAGITTARIUS, and he bestows optimism on our Full MOON in GEMINI.

The SAGITTARIUS archetype represents the need to explore life’s potential, to uncover the truth using the power of the will. SAG has a double aspect of half man and half horse, meaning that both natures are represented. There is a both a civilized and an uncivilized nature in SAG, which is part of their immense charm.  Sag gallops into uncharted territory, eternally searching for new options and opportunities, through risky speculation, enthusiastically and optimistically fueled by intuition and faith. 

SAGITTARIUS is the last fire sign and takes us to our optimal selves, using intuition to explore life in a good humored, adventurous, and experimental way.

The shadow side of SAG is self-righteousness, judgmentalism, and zealousness. 

This Full MOON axis makes a square aspect to MARS who is now in PISCES after a 6 month tour of AQUARIUS. This is not an easy aspect, and it highlights the significant shift in vibe from AQUARIUS to PISCES. Have you been suddenly feeling hypersensitive and anxious? Join the club. There has been a sudden snow melt, and now our hearts feel wide open, defenseless. There is a lot of mutable energy flying around now and honestly, it's been kind of overwhelming.

We get accustomed to the combination of planets in particular signs and when a lot of things suddenly shift in the sky story, such as happened in the last week,

it makes the ground feel shaky as we try to get our new bearings. 

This is augmented by our current MERCURY retrogradation in SAG, the sign of MERCURY'S detriment, and further augmented by MERCURY'S square to NEPTUNE in PISCES. That means that we have a total of 5 squares between the JUPITER/SAG and NEPTUNE/PISCES archetypes, involving the SUN, MERCURY, the MOON, MARS, and JUPITER.

Square aspects are pretty strong. What does it mean??

PISCES and SAG share JUPITER as their traditional ruler, and both are seekers,  but the difference is considerable.

SAG is an active and dynamic sign, using the personalized ego to expand and go forward, discovering and creating truth out of faith, individualized spiritual beliefs. 

PISCES is passive, letting go of egocentric attachments. It's a neutral, impersonal sign. The ideal combination is upbeat, adventurous, the classic dreamer, very positive and optimistic.  

The evolutionary lesson of this time is about aligning our beliefs with truth vs. wishful thinking. It's not about what we want, it's about using the expansive quality, faith, and the creative spirit to get to the truth as it is, not as we want it to be. This takes us to the ethereal. During this time will be called to explore larger existential realities, called upon to understand the purpose of life. There is a deep need for meaning here, for exploration of 'why we are here?'. The inclination to seek hidden meanings and to seek things that are non-material is very compelling.

Overdone, this energy creates a belief that all is possible. The sky is not the limit, no negative thoughts are allowed, blind faith. There is no grounded logic, which means there is nowhere to stop. There are no limits in the spiritual realm. There can be powerful transcendental qualities, but also there can be a swing to extreme pessimism and narrow mindedness. The opposite energy is extreme restriction/limitation. There is only one truth. This is the source of racism and religious fundamentalism when ultimately, no one owns the truth.

The big fear of SAGITTARIUS PISCES is getting carried away, getting involved with things too big to manage. Start smaller, basically don't get ahead of yourself, regarding material, emotional, spiritual matters, it can apply to all levels. If you achieve success, you have to maintain and feed it. With this combination, one can aim too high too fast and mess it up.

You can find bipolar in this signature; ecstasy, excesses, spending money you don't have, crashing into depression when reality does not respond the way you like.

The SAG PISCES blend always needs consistent grounding and re-grounding. This signature is a gift, as it can take you to a great depth of spirit, but it can also lead you astray. Under this combination, you can be vulnerable to p

Don't feed negative energies, or you will attract more and more of them.  It is fantastic to use this vibe to tap into open, untamed, pure, raw, wild, nature in a timeless way. Use it effectively for trance, to lose your attachment to this time and space and connect to the divine. 

Happy Thanksgiving Full Moon! I am thankful for the wonderful gift of astrology and for you my readers. May this Full Moon shine down many blessings on you and yours. 

Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer

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