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Emotional Snow Melt under the Super Snow Moon

Astrology is the art of tracking the cycles of planetary motion and correlating it with life on Earth.

What an astrologer does when they read your chart is to decode your personal clock.

What time is for you?

You were born in a moment, in a slice of time. Every moment is its own slice of time. A transit reading is looking at how your slice of time interacts with the current time slice you find yourself in, and assistance in understanding how to best work within the cycles you are in.

When we discuss an archetype or sign that is being highlighted, it’s important to remember that everyone has all the signs in their chart, it's just a matter of how much and where. It's all about ratio and dosage. For example, everyone has PISCES in one of the houses of their chart, so as the SUN travels through PISCES, it is moving through one or two houses in your chart, thus lighting up those houses and the topics that they signify.

Where we find ourselves now, is at the gateway of the Full MOON in VIRGO.

It's full at 00 degrees on February 19, at 8:53am PT.

SUN into PISCES: Snowmelt under the Snow Moon


The way the zodiac works is that there are 12 signs, or archetypes (an original pattern of which all other similar persons, objects, or concepts are derived) and as one sign fully embodies its expression, the next sign will be almost the opposite. As we enter PISCES, we are leaving our time in AQUARIUS.

AQUARIUS is a fixed, masculine, air sign that is known for its mental brilliance, innovation, and speed. It famously wants to help humanity but would prefer not to be bothered by messy, emotional, interactions with most humans. It wants space to be alone to do its wizardly workings.

PISCES is a mutable, feminine, water sign that is known for its deeply emotional connection to one and all. PISCES has a hard time separating itself from others, it is known for its merging and blending. It is a beautiful sign that is not known for its boundaries but is known for its open-hearted love. PISCES is the last sign of the zodiac before we reboot in ARIES at the Spring Equinox.

With AQUARIUS it is possible to detach from your feelings, with PISCES it's impossible not to feel your feelings, and you may feel other people's feelings as well. With this changing of the guard, prepare for the melting down of the snowy, crystalline, geometric thoughts of AQUARIUS, into rivulets of tears with PISCES.

If you have been estranged from anyone, this is a good month to make inroads into peace and healing.


This Full MOON takes place at 0 degrees of VIRGO, o degrees of PISCES, the 4th of 5 such Full MOONS.

It means that there is a powerful initiatory energy accompanying this MOON.

Full MOONS are always culmination points of the lunation begun at the New MOON, but this year (until APRIL) the Full MOONS are also new beginnings.

VIRGO is the sign that needs order, health, and practical matters to take center stage. There is precision, but there can be a tendency to get lost in the details. VIRGO is the polar complement to PISCES, the sign of chaos in terms of nature and her original masterpiece, where there is no human intervention. PISCES is both the reset button to our faulted human interventions as well as the place that we can dilate our defined selves outward into being connected to everything. 

VIRGO needs PISCES, and PISCES needs VIRGO. VIRGO can get really wound up and uptight in its attempt to bring order to the chaos, out of a desire to promote health. PISCES can get lost in its boundlessness and defenselessness (God will protect me, I don't need to defend myself) and can easily become susceptible to parasites on any level.

For this Full MOON, check in to see if your life is feeling a little messy and chaotic, would things benefit from a sudden flurry of cleaning? It could be your house, it could be your body, it could be both. A little bit will go a long way. 


MARS, our 'go' planet, has just moved from fiery, cardinal, masculine ARIES (his home sign) into earthy, fixed, feminine TAURUS, where he is in detriment. There is now a settling down of raised hackles, into more of a nonplussed attitude. MARS ARIES is quick on the draw, MARS in TAURUS is hard to piss off (but once you finally do, watch out because it takes them a long time to get over it). MARS in TAURUS brings us into our bodies. There is motivation to create comfort and increase resources.

It's a good time to take long leisurely strolls out in nature, but in general, beware of a tendency to move a little too slowly or to get lazy.

A month from now, TAURUS will be galvanized by URANUS, so this is the last lunation for a long time that TAURUS will be unadulterated by the planet of electric awakening.


In concert with this Full MOON, CHIRON has entered ARIES, beginning both a new 7 year cycle and a brand new 50 year cycle of renewal.

Anne Ortelee says,

"When Chiron enters Aries on Monday, he’ll be not only be beginning a new sign, but will be beginning a whole new whirl around the Zodiac.

This marks the start of a 50-year cycle, asking us all to take a fresh look at our wounds, and become newly aware of the ways we have limited ourselves, or overcompensated, in response to them. Collectively, this transit puts the spotlight on questions of progress, civil rights, and reconciliation. It’s an extra big moment those of us in the United States, which has Chiron in Aries in its natal chart. Our nation will be experiencing its Chiron return in 2024.

“The world breaks everyone,” wrote the novelist Ernest Hemingway, “and afterward many are strong at the broken places.

But those that will not break it kills.”

Here’s to our brokenness!"

CHIRON was a teacher to many of the greatest heroes of myth, so allow the great maverick healing centaur to present a new syllabus for your life, over the next 7 years.

For people born from April 1968 - March 1977, this time will be your CHIRON return. As always CHIRON teaches us to transform our wounds into our gifts.

VENUS besieged by SATURN and PLUTO

VENUS, our beneficial planetary goddess of connection and love, is traveling through cold, dry, and melancholic CAPRICORN which means she is flanked by SATURN and PLUTO, the two heavies. While she manages to bring some sweetness to them, they also infuse her with their vibe.

Early this week she contacts SATURN which creates a chilliness and aloofness in contacts between people and will emphasize accountability, responsibility, and boundaries. This isn't a great week for a party as grumpiness is likely.  

By Friday, the day of VENUS, she moves into contact with PLUTO. This can be sexy and passionate, but it is not filled with levity. The stakes are high, and there is a desire for emotional and physical fusion, but with SATURN not far away, there is a need for clear agreements going into anything under this signature.

By the end of the month, she is moving into a square with URANUS which can be kinky and progressive but can also be very focused on freedom and feature an unwillingness to compromise in love.


MERCURY is in PISCES for the rest of this month and all of next month, which will include a retrograde that includes NEPTUNE. MERCURY is our planet of navigation and orientation, and PISCES/NEPTUNE are renowned for mystical, magical, dis-orientation. Or we could say in the vernacular of today, it is 'otherwise oriented'. Nothing beats MERCURY in PISCES for dreamwork, medicine work, spell work. It removes any barriers to being in contact with all times and all places. Everything is NOW with PISCES, which is complicated for MERCURY as it is always doing its best to identify what is specific and unique to this now. People with MERCURY in PISCES operate differently than most. It is certainly good for art, and other right-brained activities, but not so good for technical work and never a great time to schedule an electional surgery. We're going to be in the domain of MERCURY in PISCES until April 17, so we might as well just surrender to the flow.

How to make a MERCURY in PISCES even more dreamy, glamourous, psychedelic and ungrounded? Just add a pinch of NEPTUNE. There will be 3 MERCURY NEPTUNE contacts before we make it to the other shore; one is today: 2/18, one on March 23/24, one on March 31-April 2.

Wherever this finds you, many blessings in this last Moon of the astrological year,

Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer

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