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One Becomes Two: New Moon in Gemini

The MOON is new in GEMINI on June 3 at 3:02 am PDT. The above image is of the enchanted chanteuse Florence Welch, born with a GEMINI MOON conjunct this New MOON. The GEMINI tribe are incredibly gifted wordsmiths.

The Sabian Symbol for this MOON is: A Famous Pianist Giving A Concert Performance.

To get things started, I offer you this piece by French composer Yann Tiersen, born with his MERCURY and MIDHEAVEN right on this NEW MOON.

GEMINI is a bi-corporeal sign, aka twins. If you have even been close to a GEMINI, you know there are many facets to those jeweled souls. They are remarkably versatile, dexterous, clever, and can shoot from the hip like nobody's business to adapt to whatever they find in life. GEMINIS are famously eloquent, having been given the gift of gab from their winged-footed, ruler, MERCURY or HERMES, who is also THOTH.

MERCURY/HERMES/THOTH is the magician-psychopomp who can travel between the upper world and the underworld. The GEMINI part of all of us is the part that must communicate, explore, and learn about everything. This is the yang side of MERCURY to VIRGO’s yin. Both are focused on information, but while GEMINI flits about gathering data like nectar, VIRGO takes all that has been collected and refines it, separating the wheat from the chaff, and distilling it down to pure essence. GEMINI is the baleen whale, open wide and take it all in. 

As the ruler of this NEW MOON, MERCURY is happy and dignified in his own sign, making a rousingly MERCURIAL inception to the month. MERCURY rules communication, negotiations, transactions, and navigation.

How's the communication on this NEW MOON? The square to NEPTUNE in PISCES/JUPITER IN SAG says we're communicating on more subtle levels than usual, in a yin, watery, at times confused way. It brings in a layer of mysticism. 

This is helpful to offset the intense, ongoing, conversation happening between MARS, SATURN, PLUTO, and the NODES. 

MARS is now in CANCER, the sign of its fall, and it is heading to the malefic party, happening on the CANCER CAPRICORN axis. In attendance between now and the Solstice will be: MARS in CANCER, NORTH NODE in CANCER, SATURN in CAPRICORN, PLUTO in CAPRICORN, SOUTH NODE in CAPRICORN, activated when the MOON travels through CAPRICORN, ARIES, CANCER, and LIBRA. 

The way we move through the days over the next two months are, when the MOON activates this axis (in a cardinal sign), those 48 hrs are hard, but when it doesn't, then those days are just fine. (Thx to Astrology Podcast folks for that insight) 

So if you have big things coming up, plan carefully so that your venture or adventure will succeed. 

We are entering a 2 month period that will include the Solstice and 2 eclipses, and the mix is not the most conducive to peace. It's good to be prepared, especially for folks with CANCER and CAPRICORN planets around 17-23 degrees.

If you need help figuring this out, ask me. This summer sees a shift in gears on our journey to the peak of this arc, in January of 2020. This month and next we are likely to get some glimpses into what this particular medicine journey is about for each of us in particular, as well as how it's going to be playing out in the collective. It's definitely time to use all of our tools. 

MARS work is going to part of this next MOON cycle.

Where can you best be a warrior of the heart, tasked to protect the tribe?

Find it and position yourself. We are moving into a couple of months of more turbulent transits, though at this NEW MOON, this dramatic and heavy axis of energies are being softened and diffused some by a harmonic overtone from NEPTUNE in PISCES.

The Sabian Symbol for 19 PISCES is: 

A Table Set For An Evening Meal.

This means that NEPTUNE is serving the role as mediator for this meeting of the heavyweights and as such, is inviting them to dinner, and since he's known for altered states of consciousness, he may spike the punch. If you feel a little altered,

go with it. The psychedelic state is good medicine right now; however you encounter it. (Hint: spending an afternoon at a botanical garden or on the seashore can be quite altering)

MARS in CANCER is bringing both heat and wet into the cold, dry, brittle nature of SATURN in CAP, and the effect is both inflammatory and soothing.  

  We are moodier and more evasive under MARS in CANCER, as the direct fiery nature of MARS is subverted by the powerful emotional tides of the Crab. We feel more inclined to stay close to home, though we may bicker with cohabitants. Try and give everyone their needed space and attempt not to take things personally, and if you do at least try and not pinch, and if you do pinch, try to not do it super hard. There is a lot at play right now, and you want to be clearing out old karma not incurring new. 

By June 11 we are positioned in a standoff between the two malefics, MARS and SATURN. The feeling is quite militant in nature, mixed with emotional turbocharging. Sounds awesome, right? 

The United States has a natal SUN in CANCER with the transiting NORTH NODE currently sitting on top of it, square to (the Islamic Republic of) Iran's natal SUN in ARIES. 

There is a lot of tension in the heavens right now, and 'as above, so below'. Pray for peace and cooler heads to prevail (GTFO John Bolton).

VENUS our planet of love, pleasure, and satisfaction is still in fixed, earthy TAURUS and she is in a harmonious aspect with SATURN and PLUTO. She bonifies us with her rooted, growing ways, and connects us to the nourishment of beauty. Drink deeply from that cup at this NEW MOON to keep from getting whisked away/vata deranged with all the mutable energies of GEMINI swirling about. Remember that we're on the roller coaster going straight up to Summer Solstice (in the north) and the ambient energy is maximum mania-inducing. Take whatever form of chill pill that works for you. I recommend restorative yoga, vitamin B12 shots, and listening to more Yann Tiersen music. 

When VENUS is in TAURUS, she loves opulence and finery, quality things that stimulate the senses. She's a material girl, and her preferred love language is gifts, and right now her language is our language. Crushing on someone? Give them flowers and a bath bomb and see where it leads. GEMINI time is made for flirting. 

This NEW MOON is relatively light-hearted but we are about to enter the first real rapids of the year. Keep your wits about you and use all of your tools to navigate. I’ll check in again at the FULL MOON just before Summer Solstice in the north and Winter Solstice in the south, but holler if you need to talk with me sooner. 

Blessed NEW MOON, 

Sending love and well wishes,

Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer


Photo by Crachite on IG: Florence Welch

Digital art by Paetra Tauchert 

Tonya Granderson/Vintage Photos, Pictures, and GIFs on FB

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

William Floyd on FB

Artist Unknown William Clift

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