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Solstice Moon-Red Flag Alert

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." said Charles Dickens in Great Expectations, and he could have been talking about this week. The Strawberry Full MOON which landed on the Galactic Center of our lil' universe, was pretty darn great.

The Galactic Center is believed to be made up of a whole helluva lot of black holes. Weird right? Space is indeed, super weird, but anyway you slice it, that was a very auspicious Full MOON that in some ways was a calm in the storm, a bright spot in an otherwise stressful week. 8 hours after it was exactly full, the MOON entered CAPRICORN and after a relatively quiet Monday, she is now headed towards the incredibly, increasingly, tense and intense CAPRICORN CANCER axis. You may be feeling extra emotionally sensitive and agitated, perhaps like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, or that you're between a rock and a hard place, and that something's gotta give. Or you could be feeling super spaced out and strange, due to the NEPTUNE station.

When a planet stations (slows down) to turn retrograde, it means that its frequency is being beamed down in an extra strong way.

NEPTUNE, our god of dreams, is sending soothing, healing sonar waves to the CAPRICORN CANCER axis, and his square with JUPITER is telling us that the only way out of this war hungry signature is to dream our way out of this. All hands on deck. Please send prayers to whomever it is that you pray, and ask for help dreaming up the new world.

JUPITER and NEPTUNE in aspect take you towards an ethereal desire to explore larger existential realities, to try to understand the meaning of your life. It's a very psychedelic combination. This combination brings us closer to nature, and it's a good time to call in extra psychic protection using meditation and prayer. Don't feed negative energies. If someone is worked up around you, be kind and move away, don't put more fuel on the fire, instead burn sage to help clear the space. It's an excellent time for a simple daily routine of connecting to the divine. This influence represents a soul level need to expand boundaries and to seek vast, open, spaces.

We reach the SUMMER SOLSTICE on June 21 in the north, and at this gateway, we leave the mutable, yang, air sign of GEMINI and take the deep dive into the cardinal, yin, water sign of CANCER. Here we reach the solar pinnacle of the year as well as the peak of the mental, social, extra curious parts of ourselves. We're plenty satiated now, and turn towards almost the opposite. That's how the zodiac works; one sign fully expresses an energy, and the next is a type of response to it. ARIES is outward yang fire, TAURUS is inward yin earth, GEMINI is outward yang air, CANCER is inward yin water and so on. Thus we pass through the 30 degrees of a sign and at the end we maximize it. That's why the last degree of a sign is noticeable. It's got all the other 29 degrees inside of it, and then the ticker shifts and it's a brand new vibe.

Our brand new vibe du jour, post Solstice will be CANCER, who is forever refining and prioritizing the art of home and hearth and family. This is the part of the year where we pull back into introversion from all the external extroversion of visiting, parties, and the general social swirl. Now we circle the wagons and retreat into the inner sanctum of deep clan and kin. Time to make sure we fully get a chance to fully digest the emotions we have experienced over the last 6 months.

After CANCER comes the august heat and early harvest celebration embodied by LEO so it's imperative that we take this natural down time to rest and restore ourselves.

Not to mention that we are now entering the highly charged and potentially volatile time of Eclipse Season, which always happens twice a year and encompasses the time of the 2-3 eclipses. So my talk about CANCER being a respite is somewhat modified by the fact that any planet traveling through CANCER these days, becomes a part of this increasingly intense standoff between SATURN and PLUTO

and now MARS and MERCURY too. When the SUN and MOON join the NORTH NODE there for the solar eclipse of July 2, it's a red alert time. But we're in a red flag zone already, and it won't clear out until early August. Not to say that the entire next month and a half will be hard, but the potential is there, especially for CAPRICORNS and CANCERS, and ARIES and LIBRA are the next tier down, as they are affected by the square. Keep an eye on your people, especially anyone having a hard time, because they're going to need extra support, and if you need extra support, don't isolate, reach out.

I don't want to freak you out, but I want you to be prepared for this passage. It’s a big one. The distilled wisdom of a great blog post I read about this time is this:

"The tendency is for an increase in contrary people in our meetings and planning with others, unexpected interferences, irrational drivers, imbalanced people feeling more agitated.

If an unusual tension begins to be noticed within your everyday routines, remain non-reactive. Handle the unexpected as cool as possible.

Speak directly and use facts with communications. Be positive and move the conversation forward in an uplifting outlook towards future success and problem-solving.

Stay optimistic, and avoid dwelling on complicated dramas.

Try to keep everything in your mind, your work, your routines as simple and straightforward as possible.

If your life begins to show signs of complicated steps, start backing up and disengage from the potential mess. The trick is to remain as uncomplicated this summer as possible. Make NO ROOM for the unexpected catastrophe to land in your life. Make lists check them twice."

Much love and levity through this Eclipse passageway,

Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer


Jim Hodges, All to One, 2002

David Alvarez, The Moon's Magical Mythology

Artist unknown,

Frederick Leighton, Flaming June

Frederick Sands Brunner, The Archer, 1948

Artist unknown, Mark Johnson on FB

Artist unknown, Gwyllm Llwydd on FB

Photo by Paetra Tauchert, 2019

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