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Pisces Full Harvest Moon

Today is a confluence of so much magic!

The HARVEST MOON is full at 9:31pm on the West Coast at 21 degrees of PISCES. That could stand alone as a remarkably magical night, but let's add to the sparkly brew, a conjunction to NEPTUNE, the god of magic and primal nature, and a t-square to "the sky's the limit" JUPITER in SAG, on Friday the 13th!

Goddess bless us, magick is certainly afoot.

Friday the 13th has been infused with negative connotations in the modern era so let's roll back to an earlier time, when the pagan Gods and Goddesses held sway. Friday is Freya's Day, Freya being the Nordic Venus, so Friday is Venus's Day. Although we subscribe to a 12 month gregorian calendar, a lunar year actually clocks 13 Full MOONS, with the word month originating from the word MOON. Especially before artificial light, the MOON determined (and still does to a large extent), women's menstrual cycles. Thus 13 is a number that is naturally sacred to women and to the great Goddess. So what happened when the 13th day of the month landed on Venus's Day? People stayed home from work and made love all day!

This was VERY threatening to the new monotheistic religious authorities, and they set out to pervert this sacred day. This is also what happened with the number 666. As there are 3 phases of the MOON, any version of the number 3 was/is sacred to the the Goddess, and 666 was a very magical number as it was composed of 3 multiplicates of 3.

This is evidenced by the Chartres the French Gothic cathedral which from above looks roughly to be the shape of a woman's body.

At the center, where her womb would be, is the central labyrinth that is intentionally 666 feet long. In the center point is a 6 petaled rose, another symbol that is sacred to the Goddess (3 x 2).

So what's a modern witch to do? Reclaim!

Starting with Friday the 13th.

Making love all day is one option, but all acts of love and pleasure make Venus

happy, so by all means, indulge.

Indulgence is something that this Full MOON encourages as the SUN/MOON opposition (that's what makes a Full MOON) is bisected by a t-square to JUPITER. This sends everything over the top into dreamy, dionysian excess. If it wasn't for the MERCURY ruled VIRGO, health-obsessed-stellium, we'd be in trouble.

Instead, how can you indulge and be boundless with things that are both pleasurable AND good for you?

The NORTH NODE in feeling based CANCER is trine to the MOON/NEPTUNE team so we know that this MOON asks for a deep dive into our feelings.

PISCES MOON can't tell where one's own feelings end, and the rest of the world's begin, but the NN in CANCER helps us to discern a bit and to personalize. Where inside do you need to be washed clean? Where can this sparkly, dazzling, magical, witchy, healing Full MOON expand your capacity for belief in magic?

We are still on the track to the January 2020 CAPRICORN conjunction

and this Full MOON is like pulling into a gas station of optimism and hope,

and filling the tank and getting healthy snacks. We need it.

This Full MOON comes just before the Autumnal Equinox, when night and day briefly meet and greet, as equals. Autumn brings long slanting rays of golden light, the stunning revelation of the true colors of leaves, and the ripening of the fruits of our years' labor.

It is here that we stop, and for a moment let time stand still,

feeling the spiral as it winds around us. Soon enough we will make the sharp descent into wintertime in the North.

Here we bask in the glory of the brilliant buffer season.

By morning on the West Coast, we have a big sea change in that both MERCURY (communication/mind) and VENUS (love/money) move into the cardinal extroverted air sign of LIBRA. Time to begin to wrap up the solo VIRGO projects and get ready for a much more social time.

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For Love of the Seasons on FB

Deerly_Dreamer on IG

Faerie Magazine

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