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The Hunter's Moon Grows Full

The HUNTER'S MOON is Full at 20 Degrees ARIES, on Sunday October 13, at 2:06 pm Pacific time.

 The SUN and Full MOON make a perfect square to PLUTO at 20 degrees of CAPRICORN. Yow!  

Add that square to the natural-born intensity of the annual MARS ruled FULL MOON of the dark of the year, and you get a warrior MOON, with issues. The vibe is rather uncompromising; there is a bit of: 

in the air. PLUTO just turned direct after 5 months retrograde and remains at the station degree, whereby a planet beams down its message like its making an announcement, so this makes for the most PLUTONIC Halloween season in recent memory. 

Wherever PLUTO is, you have deep needs.

It's about evolution through power and powerlessness.  

Power is having enough, having influence and choice.

Powerlessness is hunger, not having enough, feeling rejected.

Growth comes as a result of the powerlessness.

With PLUTO, you are confronted with imperfection and weakness. 

Somehow, you're not enough, and there is a need for growth. 

It's only in hitting the weakness that you can make changes

that catalyze colossal growth. 

It is painful, but there is a survival mechanism in PLUTO  

that allows you to shed a skin and rise again. Phoenix power.  

With PLUTO and SATURN in CAPRICORN square to this FULL MOON axis,

we have to work on our relationships; they cannot stagnate. 

At best, this creates an exhilarating and truthful time in partnerships of any sort.  

The MARS SATURN square that is also present at this FULL MOON says,

"If it's not truthful, it's going to lead to problems."  

With VIRGO everyone is interdependent, in order to create a healthy, functioning system in society, and this paves the way for LIBRA

who realizes that if two people work together, productivity is increased, 

and costs are decreased.

The LIBRA part of us needs a partner, comes in with a strong desire to pair with another. 

There are many things that LIBRA would like to have and can't achieve on their own. Numero uno: children. We are made in such a way that we can't survive as a species without some form of physical pair bonding.

But for LIBRA, it starts on an emotional level.

 The LIBRA way of self-empowerment is in learning from relationships. Without them, LIBRAS feel lonely, feel like something

is not whole in their life. They have to learn the art of relationships, and through this, they find love and meaning. They want to develop through relationships and need exchange, polarization, opposition, and reunification. 

The polarity point of LIBRA is ARIES, which is strong in its own self, pushing away others, separating from relationships in order to know and to develop and to defend itself. LIBRA merges, and ARIES separates. 

ARIES is MARS ruled, and MARS cuts away. LIBRA is VENUS ruled, and VENUS connects. This axis is one of the main pulses of life. We need time alone, and we need time together. 

The function of this conjunction of PLUTO and SATURN in CAPRICORN is to take down people in power that are not credible or reliable, to reveal and disempower those who haven't been functional guides or leaders. With this transit, which peaks in January of 2020, there is a need to empower ourselves and regain our authority. We need to grow up, to align ourselves functionally with the higher laws of life, and manage our world from there.  We want trustworthy, secure, wise guides in life who have the right answers. The CANCER polarity point teaches us to show our humanness, and be patient with our own and each other's weaknesses.

We are in the LIBRA/SCORPIO-Halloween season, emphasizing the part of the zodiac that is relational and growth driven. It is here that we want MORE of everything.

 The first quadrant (ARIES TAURUS GEMINI) is about survival. I'm fighting the elements to exit, to be. 

First quadrant people don't need people, as they are very territorial, defensive, and self-sufficient. Having relationships is out of their natural comfort zone.

The second quadrant (CANCER LEO VIRGO) is getting along by being yourself, doing it yourself, creative egocentric expression. Still very self-focused.

The third quadrant (LIBRA SCORPIO SAG) is the egocentric expansion quadrant. 

In the third, you start to face the limitations of your ego and begin to have relationships, stimulated by your own lack. This draws you to someone else. 

LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS says, "I need to grow and go beyond myself, I need to attain a larger potential." All members of this quadrant need MORE.

LIBRAN harmony and diplomacy connect to the polarity point of the ARIES warrior vibe. LIBRA paves the way for the core intensity of SCORPIO.

As MERCURY can only ever be 30 degrees away from the SUN, and VENUS 50 degrees, the chances of there being both LIBRA and SCORPIO planets in the ambient, at the same time, is very high. Like now. 


The synthesis is that connecting with the other is paramount and the only way to grow.

The SUN and MOON are also square to SATURN, so relating and growth are having a stern talk with the Sky God of Limits. What is sustainable, hardwood growth? Take a step back and find that sure-footed path. 

VENUS in SCORPIO is opposite URANUS in TAURUS, and as it is she who currently rules the SUN, MARS, and URANUS; we are listening extra hard what she has to say. 

VENUS is considered in detriment in SCORPIO, but there is quite a bit of her that enjoys this placing. However, she is not one for diplomacy, subtlety or inclined to seek compromise here, and in her opposition to URANUS, she is even more irascible. 

URANUS needs progress. To work with this energy, you have to invest a little bit more in your relationships. Travel, learn things, circulate the energy in it because the moment it stagnates URANUS starts to hit the wall. Spice things up, not just sexually. Bring your relationship alive, bring it to the next level. Create things together; take it to the next step. If there is a mentality gap in the relationship, and it isn't too wide, you may revitalize a partnership. This is being asked for right now. Don't fall asleep, wake up, and do the needed work to take your partnership to the next level. 

Happy Halloween Season and Full Moon 🕸

Paetra Tauchert, astrologer

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