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Jupiter into Capricorn: Expansion & Contraction

On December 2, 2019, JUPITER, the planet long known as the Great Benefic,

is changing signs. Jove, the bringer of blessings and opportunity, symbol of teacher, guru, and heavenly aid in finding coherence in the stories of our lives, has completed his year in in SAGITTARIUS, his own joyful home, a place where he is exceedingly happy and powerful. Now he shifts gears into something more complicated.

JUPITER is helpful anywhere, but his capacity and ability to help depends on the condition in which he finds himself, something to which we can all relate

He is considered in fall in Capricorn, making it much more difficult for him to express his nature here. Even JUPITER can become somewhat unstable and clumsy. There is an agricultural logic behind this. As JUPITER is the planet of fertility and abundance, he is exalted in CANCER, the sign that opens summer in the north, and sees the crops begin to ripen. Conversely CAPRICORN, the sign that opens winter, when nothing is growing, opposite to CANCER, is where he find himself in fall. The SUN has 'fallen' out of the sky in the winter.

VENUS is also in CAPRICORN, the sign of the great goat God Pan.

CAPRICORN is known to play as hard as it works, after hours, and everybody knows that CAP works hard. CAPRICORN is a legendarily passionate lover,

and in the males, often well-endowed , as he knows the importance of the right tools for the job.

The earth signs all have a natural sensuality to them, as our senses are connected to our body. Enjoy that part of it, but VENUS will have a bit of a hard month in CAP, because she has to deal with the SOUTH NODE, SATURN, and PLUTO. Ugh.

JUPITER is the planet of expansion, but he works his magic in response to us doing what is required by the sign in which he travels. JUPITER couldn’t be happier in SAGITTARIUS, as it's like flying a giant zeppelin, encountering little resistance; whereas in CAPRICORN, it's like starting over; falling into a sober, first gear. Slow and steady always is what wins the race with CAPRICORN, so JUPITER will be shining its big bright light through this lens until December 19, 2020.

CAPRICORN is cardinal earth; it teaches us to approach the world as it exists.

It traffics in things that are solid and present.

CAP is exceptionally hardy and stubborn, has a good sense of humor when not being super serious, is incomparably skilled at climbing mountains with balance and agility, is tenacious and has endurance. CAP is the mountain and the 13 wise grandmothers, holding the accrued wisdom of life.

This is what we need this year.

The difference between JUPE in SAG and JUPE in CAP is substantial.

Yin Capricorn is the initiatory tilling of rocky soil, that we may plant seeds

generated by JUPITER’s time in fiery, expansive SAGITTARIUS.

SATURN ruled CAP is cautious and wants to follow the rules, as long as the rules make sense. CAPRICORN is the stones and bones, the architecture of reality;

it applies to all levels and forms of life, and if you don’t have that part right,

the growth that follows won’t be optimal and supportive.

CAPRICORN teaches us this lesson on a micro level every month

with the MOON's passage, and every year, with the SUN's passage.

But when slower planets such as JUPITER SATURN and PLUTO are all found in this sector of the zodiac, we know that it's time to drill down deep.

The fact that we have the 2 benefics, VENUS and JUPITER here right now is a gift, in a time that promises to have some heavy content.

As this transit begins, it's useful to ask yourself what you want in the world.

For what position are you striving? What would you like to establish in 2020?

The first step is getting the lay of the land, mapping the terrain,

and figuring out what one's desired position is.

Through the first week of February, JUPITER has some extra power to help us, through essential dignity. This is very welcomed as he will be attending the all-important CAPRICORNIAN council that peaks on January 12, 2020. In attendance will be the SUN, PLUTO, SATURN at 22 degrees, MERCURY the magician in scribe form, and JUPITER will be with the SOUTH NODE at 9 CAP. There will be a second pow-wow of importance on March 21, the spring equinox, as the SUN ingresses into ARIES, initiating the zodiacal year where JUPITER MARS PLUTO and SATURN will conjunct within 6 degrees.

JUPITER in CAPRICORN asks, “What are the rules? What is my approach?

What rules are actually important?.” The ideal strategy involves careful observation. CAPRICORN gets a reputation for being inherently conservative, which is true to a certain extent, but let us recall the satyrs and the legendary debauched sylvan bacchanals.

CAPRICORN plays as hard as he works, and although he is known for being a rule follower, when one knows the rules,

there is extra delight in casting them off.

So this is the material that JUPITER will be expanding in the next year.

If you are willing to meet JUPITER there, then he will bring the blessings and growth, for which he is rightly so well known.

Happy Holidays & Yuletide Greetings,

Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer


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Giuseppe Acrimboldo Vanitas di Giuseppe Arcimboldo

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