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How the Great Conjunction Will Affect You: Sign by Sign, Plus Special Offers

It would be impossible to overstate the significance of JUPITER and SATURN coming together at the Solstice point, creating dramatic punctuation to the end of one of the most challenging years on record. What increases the potency of this particular Great Conjunction (they do happen every 20 years), is that these two power-player planets have been meeting almost exclusively in earth signs for well over 200 years. This is the pivot point into air signs for the next 200+ years. Just a week before the solstice, we have a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, bringing even more acceleration into our lives. It will be a Solar Eclipse at 23 degrees of SAGITTARIUS, conjunct the Galactic Center of our Galaxy. We are in a massive portal of death and rebirth. This is the time we have been waiting for, we all wanted to be here for this, and well... here we go!

The EARTH element is known for its predictability, while AIR is known for rapid change. We have witnessed how dramatically the advent of tech has woven itself deeply into our daily lives over just a few decades. This has altered our existence's tapestry and the ways we relate with each other in tremendous ways.

Literally, within 24 hours after SATURN first entered AQUARIUS (March 19-July 1, 2020), the phrase Social Distancing mushroomed up into the collective narrative in a huge way.

SATURN is distancing/limitation, and AQUARIUS is social groupings. This sudden new reality, combined with the shutdowns, immediately propelled us, without much recourse, more deeply into the social avenues of technology than we have ever been before, in order to maintain contact with our people and to do business and education. A brave new world indeed...

In May of 2018, URANUS began injecting bold, futuristic, technological, progress into change-resistant TAURUS (which rules earth, food, money, and the body). Since then, we have seen rapid and bizarre lurches forward with URANUS ruled tech. Surveillance doorbells are very popular on Amazon, joining the widespread, domestic insertion of Alexa, who's default setting listens to all your conversations. (1)

But you can't beat the dystopian, matrix-tone of forcing cows to wear virtual reality goggles that show them grass and sun, to make them happier in their deeply subpar conditions. Yes, really. (2)

When JUPITER and SATURN come together every 20 years, they set the template for the next big stage of culture. As long as people have been watching the skies, the cyclical dance of these two wanderers has captured interest, attention, and inspired interpretation.

The planet JUPITER is about coherence, expansion, luck, ease, good fortune, and opportunity. Our beautiful, benevolent gas giant has spent the last year in CAPRICORN, the sign of his fall, meaning JOVE has had a tough time achieving his essential optimistic goals while in this sign. Compounding his less than ideal condition in 2020 has been his malefic traveling companions, SATURN and PLUTO. When a planet is surrounded by malefics, we say it is besieged. This means JUPITER has essentially been off-line in terms of his usual ability to assist and bless us, and mitigate difficulty in our lives.

He's been in the malefic camp for so long that his shift into AQUARIUS will provide us with more breathing room than we have had since he left his happy SAGITTARIUS home in late 2019. We had no idea just how much JUPITER in SAGITTARIUS was protecting us. We astrologers certainly knew SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY WAS COMING in January of 2020, but we didn't know what face it would wear. Now we know.

In AQUARIUS, JUPITER has some dignity, while in CAPRICORN, there was almost none, so it in this way that he steps with dignity, into the Great Conjunction of 2020.

JUPITER in AQUARIUS will teach us how to grow and expand through following our unique, authentic path of liberation and freedom. The future is here, and JUPE in AQUA has some good ideas for us and will want to work through us. There is hope.

SATURN is the opposite principle to JUPITER as he teaches us limits and how to succeed within a sound structure through robust stress tests. Alignment is always at the top of the list of his great lessons, and ultimately he wants us to empower ourselves through the slow process of mastery. The focus of each cycle is determined by the sign he is traveling through, and as we know, he will soon enter AQUARIUS, just in time to join JUPITER. SATURN in AQUARIUS will be the meter to gauge the soundness and veracity of the ideas that JUPITER will bring. The two working together in any sign is a serious powerhouse combination. In AQUARIUS we are given a full upgrade to our operating system. Everything changes as we cross through this gate. The changes will not all be immediate, some will take decades to fully manifest, but the frequency changes now. How strongly this will affect you depends on how ready you are to change and grow.

Have you been watching their slow, bright advancement? Each evening they draw closer and closer. They will join visually on December 21, and appear as one giant star. Anyone want to place any bets on what the massive star the three wisemen/astrologers were following when they happened upon young Jesus in the manger? Hmmm...

So on the northern winter solstice and southern summer solstice, these two "influencer planets" will join at 0 degrees of AQUARIUS, the sign of progress, advancement, elevating standards, high civilization, highest human potential, intellectual creativity, friends, groups, and organizations. These are the new themes for our new era.

AQUARIUS always maintains a bit of an outsider perspective.

AQUARIUS is the archetype that sees the future, understands in a brilliant way where the breakthroughs must occur, and how to get there. It is an air sign, emphasizing the power of the mind, and it famously is a bit suspicious to downright annoyed by the slowness of emotions and biology. AQUARIUS and the AQUARIUS part of all of us ( we all have it somewhere) feels a bit out of place here on Earth, like a cosmic anthropologist, and is motivated in helping save and further the causes of humanity. The catch is that one-on-one with people and their feelings can make AQUARIUS squirm. The classic iconic AQUA is somewhere on the mad-scientist/inventor spectrum, locked away from the normal world by choice, hard at work, trying to save humanity, but quite grumpy if bothered. AQUARIUS does want to gather, but specifically with other brilliant, innovative thinkers who are pulling their weight and contributing to the thinktank. The AQUARIUS part of all of us is about to be very activated. This is a time of Great Awakening and it will affect all parts of life.

What happens when we combine these two powerful planets in this sign? Steven Forrest says that it is climbing a very steep mountain to get to a pot of gold. It's a very arduous climb, so first off, be sure that you are climbing the correct mountain, and then give it your all. Hard things are hard, but we can do hard things, and the payoff will be immense.

How to know how it will affect your life? That will largely be determined by what house in your chart it will occur. HOUSE topics in astrology tell you where any given transit will play out in your life.

So take a look at your chart and identify where 0 degrees AQUARIUS falls, and then read below for interpretation. Contact me if you need help figuring it out. Free charts can be cast at

Read your RISING sign first, SUN/MOON signs second. If you were born during the daytime then your SUN sign is stronger, born during the nighttime, then your MOON sign is stronger.

The 1st house/AQUARIUS SUN or RISING

is you, your identity, your vitality, your appearance. It's an angular house, so if the conjunction is happening here, you know that this is a significant event/reset in how you will exist in the world. There's no hiding from this one. Let it work you and let go of the old and crusty ways that have held you down, and think of big, bold new ways that you'd like to enter into your life. Revitalize your appearance and take some risks. Be bold and daring, and follow the beat of your very own drum.


is your resources; your money, your valuable and movable possessions, your self-esteem, and your body. The Great Conjunction in this house tells you it's time to reset your relationship to money. As the economy itself is having a takedown/rebuild, quite likely into cryptocurrencies, then you are a part of a larger movement within the collective. This puts you in a position to do the work in your pocketbook, and in your own stories about your self-worth, and then to help others along the way. What besides money has value? Think about the old ways being rooted in tangible, material currency, and the new ways being lightning-fast transfers of wealth across the world. Hopefully, the larger money transformation themed transit of URANUS in TAURUS doesn't leave us in a world without cash, but if it did, would you know how to barter? These are old/new skills that will serve you well to learn about under this Great Conjunction in your 2nd house.

The 3rd house/SAG SUN or RISING

is your immediate environment, your local stomping grounds; the people that you meet, when you're walking down the street, the people that you meet EACH DAY. (ala Mr. Rogers). It also encompasses your siblings, your neighbors, your mind, your communication, your learning and teaching ability, and rules short journeys. If the Great Conjunction in AQUARIUS lands here in your chart, then you are continuing the work we have all been doing this year by virtue of the unprecedented global shutdowns as a result of governmental policy. These shutdowns have dramatically altered the way we move across and through our local landscapes, places we generally, blissfully take for granted, that normally allow free-flow access. You are a part of the team to re-dream, moving into 2021 and beyond. How to shop, exercise, visit with friends and family, how to participate in schooling, and how to travel, if there are major obstacles to all of these things. The GC in this house means that you are part of the team to help us solve these sorts of problems. Think big, find your mountain, and then start climbing for that pot of gold.

The 4th house/SCORPIO SUN or RISING

is another angular house, meaning it's pivotal and deep. It's the house of home, of family of origin, of the hallowed ground beneath your feet. It's where you find maximum privacy, solitude, and, ideally restoration. The Great Conjunction in the 4th house asks you to look for old patterns of functioning and relating in your home that have reached the end of their lifespan. They are crumbling into ashes, but this ash is an important fertilizer for what comes next. This new world seems to include a continuing, much more significant than previously considered normal, time spent in the home. This now generally overlaps with other family members, also doing work or school. Old funky things about this system (hopefully temporary, but at this point, who knows) need to be rooted out, and new practices of mindfulness and tending your and the others' space and needs are on your Great Conjunction to-do list.

The 5th house/LIBRA SUN or RISING

is the place of children, romance, creativity, art, performance, hedonism, and lovemaking. If the Great Conjunction happens here in your chart, then it's time to dust off your old ways of play and creation and think outside of any box you have existed within. As the House of Good Fortune, it is a special place to have this transit play out. If you have children, this indicates that there is a window of opportunity to aid them in finding their creativity as a way of celebrating life and coping with this era's yuckiness. It could also signify an imminent pregnancy, or exploration and adoption of some new, powerful art form, or hobby. Hobby sounds trivial, but any new hobbies that call to you under this transit have a deep connection to a powerful zeitgeist of change and renewal, so allow yourself to pursue any interests, no matter how out of character, they may be for you.

The 6th house/VIRGO SUN or RISING

of work and health includes all of the day-to-day rituals of cleaning and tending your space to stay healthy. It's also all the systems we create in our lives to make all the things work. The Great Conjunction here indicates that taking stock of how you manage your days on the earth plane is at hand. Allowing yourself to let go of less than efficient ways of working and caring for your health, and work to bringing in new ways to understand how to create and support health in these changing and stressful times.

The 7th house/LEO SUN or RISING

is where we partner with others closely and or contractually. It’s another angular house so if the Great Conjunction is firing off in this sector of your chart, you are going through a massive upgrade in how you relate. In what ways have you been operating that were instilled in you from the status quo, as far as what relationship, or business partnership should look like? We are in a vast collective rewiring and restructuring, and society is built from the building blocks of relationship, so if you are in the laser focus of upgrading this part of your life, then you will help model these new ways for those whose focus is directed elsewhere.

The 8th house/CANCER SUN or RISING

is a relationship house and focuses on shared resources, such as money and sex. It's also the place of death (not necessarily literal) and loans/taxes. The zapping awake of this house brings new ways of working magic in your life that can be applied to sex and money: Tantra and bartering, kundalini yoga techniques.

The 9th house/GEMINI SUN or RISING

is the home of higher knowledge, religion, and the overall need to seek the deeper meaning of life. Its here that we are driven to understand where we are on the map of life This is rocket fuel for your search if you have the GC lighting up this house in your chart. It's time to think very broadly, even contemplating the possibility of extraterrestrial contact in our lifetimes, and what that would mean for your cosmology and philosophy of life.

The 10th house/TAURUS SUN or RISING

is your reputation, your vocation, and your career. It is the last angular house, and you can guarantee that if the GC takes place here, you will be firing on all cylinders, it’s all systems go into the new. Release the old stiff and inauthentic ways of showing up to meet your calling, of who you are in the world, how you are seen. The sky is the limit, as long as you are authentic and are open to the new and improved. You will be a leader in this time. As you find your own way, you will show others the steps they can take to navigate and thrive in this new unfolding world.

The 11th house/ARIES SUN or RISING

is naturally associated with many of the same themes as AQUARIUS: peer groups, think tanks with like-minded others, social networks. It is traditionally considered the House of Good Spirit, and when activated, your life will be blessed through others. In this time, finding your tribe is critical, and this GC happening here will catalyze this for you big time. Find your people, your tribe, and co-dream the new world.

The 12th house/PISCES SUN or RISING is the place of the collective, of raw nature and expansive spirituality, and of withdrawing from the world. It represents institutions and isolation and also the psychedelic magic of interior space, and kindship with all nature. If the GC is rebooting here in your chart, it's time to acknowledge that your spiritual path is an essential part of your life here on Earth. We are leaving the known world in the past and will be asked to find our way into the unknown we are stepping into. A daily spiritual practice will immensely aid you in this, which in turn will give you greater mental health, which is always a bonus. You may also be needed to help your loved ones to find their tender new footing in these realms. Dive in deep so that you can guide others in following their pole star of spirit.

There is much more happening on a deep spiritual level than meets the eye, and yet what meets the eye is, in itself, spectacular. JUPITER is Santa, the magic shaman who can traverse the whole world in a single night while taking his time in each living room, leaving generous and clever gifts. His ability to expand time and space is unparalleled. He is part of the magic and heart of the winter solstice story, where the Great Conjunction is taking place.

This conjunction takes place in the Solstice/Yule/Christmas portal, delivering blessings and the new Aquarian paradigm, and no matter what house is activated, it's a time to wildly expand into the new world coming into being, and then to consolidate and ground in practical ways.

More than anything, we need to find a way back to love and kinship, even if we do not see the world in the same way. We need all the different perspectives as we are all part of one giant whole.

Wishing you a wonderful Solstice and

Great Conjunction,

Yule, Christmas, and Hanukkah!



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