The Story of You

Astro Books are beautiful, colorful, hardcover,

natal chart creations.

Art and interpretation are forged into a personal, illuminated, hardcover book.

 A unique and beautiful gift.

Each one is a work of art. Equally enjoyable

for astro-newbies and astro-geeks alike.  


You can choose between two types:


Astro Books

Heavily illustrated, these beautiful books make great gifts for new babes, or those not fluent in astro-speak. This is a way to perceive and understand the energetics and archetypes of a chart through imagery. The words and art work together to help people understand and feel the signatures in their chart. 8x8 inch hardcover.

15 pages of art and words.

Price $165 shipping included


Astro Book Classic

This option offers a natal chart interpretation paired

with resonant art.

8x11 hardcover. 

  20 pages of beautiful, poignant, and moving images,

matched with analysis of the chart-signatures

and archetypes of the zodiac.

 A beautiful heirloom keepsake. 

Price $230 shipping included





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