Six-Month Mentorship Program

I am going to be doing a six month mentoring class for a small group of baby to intermediate astrologers wanting to take their chart reading skills to the next level starting on September 17. Class is limited to 20.


If interested let me know. 

We will meet for two hours monthly over zoom, with assigned homework each month that includes tracking one’s selected charts/transits.



6 modules: First half of each class is technique and philosophy, and the second half is actively taking turns reading charts.  Wherever you are on the spectrum from baby astrologer to intermediate, just listening to each other bravely go for it is educational and the best way to learn.

Just like being immersed in any other language you are learning, your body starts to feel the rhythm which is just as important as the techniques. 

*Each month includes written homework and a video of me reading a chart for you to observe and learn from.



The architecture of a reading, 

The do’s and don'ts 


Using both sides of your brain


House systems 




Chart reading preparation 

The Nodal Axis, Nodal transits, Chiron, and outer planets 

Writing daily horoscopes 



Planets in Signs 

The Saturn & Uranus Returns 




Planets in Houses

Pluto transits (interpretation and how to handle)








Putting it all together; how to start doing readings.

How to hold space 

Intense transits and mental illness 

Continued education 

PRACTICE and Graduation

You will choose four charts that you will track (including your own).

In addition to the homework each month, you will have a class project: pick someone famous (w reliable birth data) and record a half-hour reading in the last month, which I will listen to and give feedback, for graduation. You will also be given a class buddy,

as making friends in astrology trainings can create lasting alliances. 


For each month’s homework, I encourage you to source the info actively and learn to gather data from the internet and books. Learn to compare and contrast, vet, and synthesize definitions that you find. 



Books and supplies list: 

Astro gold app ($40) 

Yesterday’s Sky by Steven Forrest 

You will have access to me via email for Q and A anytime, and I will provide

office hours as needed for deeper queries.

For six months of mentorship: $450 if paid in advance, or two payments of $250 

(If special payment arrangements are needed, please check in with me) 


The class size is limited to 20; paying for the class reserves your spot. 

Refunds are available for seven days, after which credit can be applied to 

future classes or readings.


To register, respond here





In order to make it work for the west coast, the east coast, and Sydney time zones,
I’ve come up with us meeting on Saturdays (Sunday morn for Sydney) at:

3pm for the west coast

6pm for the east coast 

8am for Sydney. 


It’s the only way and day that no one would have to get up at 3am. 


We will start on Saturday, September 17, 2022 (18 for Sydney) and meet monthly.


September 17/18

October 15/16

November 18/19

December 17/18

January 21/22

February 18/19


All starting at:

3pm for the west coast

6pm for the east coast 

8am (the next morning) for Sydney. 

The Wheel of the Year:
Astrology, Plants, & Ritual


Join Paetra for a journey around the Wheel of the Year, meeting once each month

for a discussion including astrology, plants, and ritual.

You will learn how these weave together, and how you can use them in practical

and helpful ways for your life. 

Paetra is a consulting astrologer with a wide international clientele,

she has a radio show and is a columnist & digital writer for

the Mountain Astrologer magazine.

She is also an herbalist, and plantswoman rooted in West Sonoma County, California. 

This year-long class will envelop the best of all her skills into a useful and beautiful syllabus that will follow the Sun through the Zodiac.  

This class is good for beginner and intermediate students and is a great way to

immerse yourself in astrology and ritual in this weird and unpredictable year. 

Each class will involve an astrology lesson, a plant lesson, and homework in the

form of a plant-based ritual to do on your own in that month.

We will meet over Zoom, one Sunday each month,

from late March 2022 until February 2023,

from 9:30 am-10:45 am West Coast time.

Sunday March 20

Sunday April 24

Sunday May 22

Sunday June 19

Sunday July 24

Sunday August 21

Sunday September 25

Sunday October 23

Sunday November 27

Sunday December 18

Sunday January 22, 2023

Sunday February 19, 2023

Classes will be recorded

and a link provided after each class,

with the homework.

The class is designed to be done as a whole.


 Class Limited to 35 students

To sign up for Wheel of the Year 2023, register here


  Intro to Chart Reading 

Have you wanted to take the first step into learning how to decode astrological

charts, or deepen your self-study? 
Well here’s a chance to do just that. 

Week 1: Planets

Week 2: Signs 

Week 3: Houses and House systems 

Week 4: Aspects and Transits


Each week we will study new concepts and then apply them to a practice chart. 

This will be both lecture and hands-on discussion.

-Four Saturdays: 

-Classes 9:30-10:45 am Pacific Time 

We will meet over Zoom and all classes will be recorded if you are unable to attend, 

but participation will result in the most comprehensive learning



For info on next class, click here