The Wheel of the Year:
Astrology, Plants, & Ritual


Join Paetra for a journey around the Wheel of the Year, meeting once each month

for a discussion including astrology, plants, and ritual.

You will learn how these weave together, and how you can use them in practical

and helpful ways for your life. 

Paetra is a consulting astrologer with a wide international clientele,

she has a radio show and is a columnist & digital writer for

the Mountain Astrologer magazine.

She is also an herbalist, and plantswoman rooted in West Sonoma County, California. 

This year-long class will envelop the best of all her skills into a useful and beautiful syllabus that will follow the Sun through the Zodiac.  

This class is good for beginner and intermediate students and is a great way to

immerse yourself in astrology and ritual in this weird and unpredictable year. 

Each class will involve an astrology lesson, a plant lesson, and homework in the

form of a plant-based ritual to do on your own in that month.

We will meet over Zoom, one Sunday each month,

from late March 2022 until February 2023,

from 9:30 am-10:45 am West Coast time.

Sunday March 20

Sunday April 24

Sunday May 22

Sunday June 19

Sunday July 24

Sunday August 21

Sunday September 25

Sunday October 23

Sunday November 27

Sunday December 18

Sunday January 22, 2023

Sunday February 19, 2023

Classes will be recorded

and a link provided after each class,

with the homework.

The class is designed to be done as a whole.

Quarterly cost: $105  


Annual cost : $395

EARLY BIRD PRICE FOR ANNUAL $350 until February 18

 Class Limited to 35 students

To sign up for Wheel of the Year 2022, register here


Six Week Intro to Chart Reading with Paetra 

Have you wanted to take the first step into learning how to decode astrological

charts, or deepen your self-study? 
Well here’s a chance to do just that. 

Week 1: Houses and House systems 

Week 2: Planets 

Week 3: Signs 

Week 4: Aspects 

Week 5: Transits and Progressions

Week 6: Annual Profections

Each week we will study new concepts and then apply them to a practice chart. 

This will be both lecture and hands-on discussion.

-Six Saturdays: 

-Classes 9:30-10:45 am Pacific Time 

We will meet over Zoom and all classes will be recorded if you are unable to attend, 

but participation will result in the most comprehensive learning


Saturday January 29

Saturday February 5

Saturday February 12

Saturday February 19

Saturday February 26

Saturday March 5

Cost is $225, or $250 if paid in two parts 

Early bird cost is $215, until January 22


To sign up, click here