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All of my services are performed virtually via Zoom or phone. 

To schedule a session, please email me at with your preferred reading type. 

Payment should be finalized before the start of the consultation. Cash, check, paypal, venmo,

bank transfer accepted.

All readings are recorded. 

Natal Chart Reading

In your natal chart, we can identify your development on a soul level and understand what you are here to do in this life, helping you access your higher potential.

You can ask any questions about personal growth, blockages, relationships, vocation, or about anything you need clarity.

We will also identify upcoming cycles and see how to best navigate the times to come.


For the reading, I will need your date, time, and place of birth. 

       50 min. $175

       30 min. $90

Transit Reading

Transits are how we discern the current lessons and cycles you are in, and how best to navigate them. Good for an annual birthday check in, or anytime you are seeking clarity, direction, or need to make an important decision.

          50 min. $175

          30 min. $90

transit reading.jpeg
question tile.jpeg

Focused Question

If you have a quick targeted question or two, or would like to look at the next few months, this is a useful option. Phone appointment or email,

quick response.

          20 min. $60

Relationship Reading

Relationships readings include romantic, platonic, and business partnerships, as well as looking at your natal chart and transits to understand your needs, wants, strengths, and places to grow.

This reading helps you understand what brings you and your partner together and help you to make the best of your relationship.

Make sure to provide all birth information.

          50 min. $175

relationship reading.jpeg

Astro Cartography

Through your natal chart, we can also identify how different geographical places work for you. Different places in the world highlight some of your qualities and potential. Through this reading, we can address relocation questions. 

          40 min. $150

horary reading.jpeg

Horary Reading

Horary astrology is one of the oldest and most popular uses of astrology, akin to tarot or the I Ching. 

Its purpose is to answer and resolve specific questions. 

While a natal chart contains the entire life

of a human being, a horary chart contains just

the answer to the question that has been asked, 

and is an incredibly penetrating tool.

You can ask almost any question, as long as it’s sincere.

The question must emerge from an earnest and

clear need, and must not be frivolous. 

State your question in a simple sentence and when

I understand, and accept your question,

I cast a chart in that moment and reach a judgment by following a strict set of traditional rules, passed down from antiquity. 

The turnaround time is two business days 

(rush option available).

The response will come in a detailed email. 


​ $100 per horary, $60 introductory rate

horary reading.jpeg
Family Constellation.jpeg

Family Constellation Readings 

We will take a look at your family through the Astro lens, looking for ease, challenges, soul contracts, and repeating ‘Astro-DNA’ winding through the charts of all the members of your family. 

Helpful for generational understanding, support, and growth. 


1 hr for up to four family members $175 


1.5 hrs for up to six family members $265


Ideally we have a birthtime for everyone but if not we will use a solar chart.

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