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What is Evolutionary Astrology?

That's me on the left, all aglow with Graduation.

Good question!

My journey with Astrology began when I was 18,

traveling in Big Sur (a nodal return, but we'll get to that later), .

From a local Sage, I learned that there was more to Astrology than just Sun signs.

I was immediately hooked.

I began to read voraciously, everything I could get my hands on. It felt much more like remembering than learning it for the first time.

That's something that has always characterized Astrology for me; that there is a deep logos that underpins everything, and when you learn to read the giant clock of the planets and other celestial bodies, guidance is available.

That isn't something to take lightly, as life is pretty confusing and overwhelming a lot of the time, and we don't come with a users guide. My self-study combined with human observation (asking everybody their birthdays and carrying around my Ephemeris at all times) lasted for many many years. I started doing readings by the time I was 22. Astrology has long been a good friend and helpful guide for me.

A few years ago, something new came onto my radar, called Evolutionary Astrology. EA has its roots in Dane Rudhyar's work of humanistic and transpersonal Astrology, but is primarily attributed to Jeffrey Wolf Greene, who claims to have received it as a download in a dream from Paramahansa Yogananda's guru, Sri Yukteswar.

The form I encountered it in was via the great Astrological teacher and philosopher Maurice Fernandez. I began a training program with Maurice in 2015 that was a profound journey of education, insight and sharpening of skills. The training was rigorous and more thorough than I imagined possible and only a small percentage of us graduated. I feel very happy and grateful to have gone through it, which such a high caliber of humans. Now, begins my journey as an Evolutionary Astrologer.

EVOLUTIONARY ASTROLOGY is the study of planetary cycles and their resonances with our lives. The astrological cycles of planets are synchronized with the cycles of our lives, thus its a study of cycles.

We are here to evolve our consciousness in order to have better lives. Everything in our life is a lesson and the whole chart tells the story of our past lives, as its where we pick up again in this life. In an Evolutionary Astrology reading we look at where your soul comes from, what it brings into this life and what you're here to do.

I feel very lucky and honored to be a carrier of this Astrological wisdom!

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