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The Role of Astrology

Astrology is the tracking and charting of time.

It is in essence, a cosmic clock.

Your natal chart is a map of the specific time and a place that you were born.

It's your soul's blueprint for this life.

The role of Astrology is to allow us to understand what the

Universe intends for us and help us to navigate and prevent negative outcomes.

In the same way that you bring a map with you to go hiking in the wilderness, your chart helps to orient you to your journey of life.

No map is required for either hiking or for life, but as the conditions and terrain of both can be unpredictable, it certainly is helpful.

Everything in the natal chart tells something of the history of the soul. Everything in the chart is a prescription for growth.

Each of us is an answer to a need at that time that we were born.

When we look at a chart we want to understand where is this soul coming from?

Why is this important?

Because the background of the previous life will affect the construction of the family environment in this life. Anything unresolved will transpire into childhood dynamics.


The soul holds the evolution of consciousness across lifetimes.

You want to see why the soul created these circumstances.

The past life is where you left off, and its why you are where you are now. We bring concerns, inclinations, and tendencies into this life, and there can be PTSD from another lifetime.

As an Astrologer, our job is to connect the dots. There are grand cycles, smaller cycles and periods of activation. For each event, there is a map. Any moment is a moment in time and space and it can be charted and then analyzed for insight.

There is always a set of 'homework' that accompanies us at any time, and the knowledge of what it is and the participation in it will help to further your evolution in this school we call *Life*

For every one of us, life is about transferring darkness into light, and its the job of the Astrologer to hold the lantern to help with this process.

The Hermit, holder of the sacred lantern.

Blessed Be,


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