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What is Saturn in Capricorn?

Good question! As it will be our dominant lessons theme for the next 3 years, let's definitely take a look. Saturn relates to the physical world because it is alignment, and simply speaking if you're aligned, you thrive and feel good. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn, which means that it’s playing for the home team, and as everyone knows, home team players always have the advantage.

Edmund Dulac

The influences of this new transit (which started on December 19, 2017) can include literally, or the equivalent of deep cleaning your entire house after shedding anything and everything that is cluttering up your space. It's the effect of the ocean on drift wood, turning, polishing and burnishing it until smooth. Saturn is tilling the soil, evening it out, removing any rocks and clods so that it may be well planted. The work we do with Saturn in Capricorn will have direct influence in our bodies, and the way we work, the fertility of our lives and our ability to produce. It is shoring up the foundation that all else in our lives rest and are built upon.


These next 3 years, until December 2020, we have a chance to work on ourselves, to better center ourselves in our relationship to earth. It's all coming back down to earthly matters now. If there are any splits between spirit and flesh that have left us untethered, they are up to be brought back into balance and harmony, by reconnecting us to our flesh.

As Capricorn represents (among other things) financial institutions and governments, this transit, in conjunction with the bulldozer that is Jupiter in Scorpio means that the ripening of karma in these worlds will continue to unfold. Purge the darkness and reboot.

Andre Alexeevich Shishkin

It is time for debts to be paid, old accounts cleared. We are completing a cycle that started 27 years ago. The last time that Saturn was in Capricorn the Berlin Wall came down.

Capricorn is learning to align with the higher cosmic laws of the universe, in a way that may be limiting, but if embraced will promote great success in life.

Capricorn is also the Witches' goat God Pan, who is known for great passion and erotic play. Like I said, if you're aligned, you feel goood.

Art by Johfra photoshopped by Glenn

The Pagans are known for their love of the earth and their celebration of the interplay of the darkness and the light as the Wheel of the Year turns. The monotheistic faiths which largely supplanted the old Goddess worshipping religions (at least on the surface) believe that salvation is found in the heavens, away from Earth, thus Earth is not heavenly and is a trap for us, our bodies are to be overcome and left behind.

Why not bring back that love of earth and our bodies and all earthly things? There's room for both views here and the schism has long caused great suffering to women, to men, to animals and to the earth.

Photo by Andreas Angelidakis

Wherever you have Capricorn in your chart (ask me if you don't know), that's where the rototilling will take place. Might as well embrace it with open arms, it's going to be a challenging yet incredibly rewarding process that will take us right up to Saturn conjunct Pluto in January 2020. This is a big time of testing, and a lot will be asked of us. Bring your very best, strive for excellence and you will be rewarded by and by.

Blessings on your Saturn in Capricorn transit!

All the best,

Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer

*--- artist unknown

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