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Mercury is About to Go Retrograde

Heads up everyone, time to get your ducks (etc) in a row, MERCURY, our intrepid planet of communication and perception is about to do its first retrograde of the year, in ARIES.

MERCURY is already in station (when a planet prepares to change direction and slows way down) and will officially do its flip turn on Thursday March 22 at 5:19pm Pacific time.

The stations of a planet (at the beginning and end of any retrograde) are the trickiest, most slippery parts of any retrograde so consider this one already in play, and though MERCURY will turn direct on April 15, you are not green lighted to make any major purchases (especially mechanical and technological items) or sign any contracts until after the station completes on April 26.  

MERCURY rules language, speaking, computing, writing, electronics, mail, shipping, transportation, all day to day interactions, as well as siblings and neighbors.

MERCURY retrogrades are one of the parts of astrology that have made it to the mainstream consciousness mainly because it happens 3 times a year, every year and its effects are so noticeable. 

These are the times of the year when you need to cut yourself and everyone else some slack around the above themes and any scrambling it may cause.

It is very helpful in changing thought patterns, this is why technology is challenged. It's about breaking habits and not running your life on autopilot. It disengages our autopilot which can be both refreshing and alarming. If we allow it to be something that is helping us, its easier to go through these periods.

Maurice Fernandez says, "Don't sign anything on the stations, but in motion, it can be ok to sign things.

What will be successful? Things that you don't normally do.

The element of surprise is usually positive with MERCURY retrograde. Trust the patterns being broken during the retro and go with the surprise new direction."

Human and Eagle, artist unknown

As this retrograde begins, MERCURY is conjunct VENUS in ARIES, and both are squared to PLUTO in CAPRICORN. When there are cardinal squares, it can feel like the Clash of the Titans. The energy is formidable and must be reckoned with. The initial themes of this time period are relationships focused. Its time to revisit any thing that is lurking and need to be cleared. This is not a time to sweep anything under the carpet and hope for the best. This transit supports delving into the deeper parts of the partnership (any one on one relationship)  and looking at what is working and what is not. Retrograde periods are medicinal and helpful and a great time to do any activities beginning with the letters RE.

Revisit, redirect, reflect, respond (thoughtfully), repeat things that haven't been yet understood, you get the idea. If used correctly, retrograde periods can be helpful in RE storing deeper health and harmony to our lives.  

Happy Retrograding! 

Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer

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