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Full Flower of Knowledge Moon

May's Full Flower Moon must be from all of the April showers!

The Moon is full on Tuesday, May 29 at 7:19am PT/10:19am ET, at 8 degrees of Sagittarius.

The Knowledge Moon, Questioning Moon, Understanding Moon, Flowering Moon.

The Sabian Symbol for this Moon is:


As this Full Moon axis is the teacher (Moon Sag) and student (Sun Gemini), we can see the Sag Mother Teacher taking her Gemini Child Student by the hand and leading them up the spiraling staircase of wisdom earned through experience. The mother-teacher has a perspective that the child-student is incapable of having but with nurturance, patience, and time, the child has the potential of learning a great deal how to sync with the rhythms and currents of life, and how to navigate the big questions such as "Why am I here?".

We can find ourselves on both side of the equation. Ideally, no matter how much we learn, we are still able to be open to more learning. And the more that we learn, the more we are called into the role of teacher for others. There are lotsa 'children' that need lotsa teaching. It is the way of life.

Gemini's job is to decode life. The languages, customs, fashion, wind currents, all must be observed and explored to put together the 'big puzzle' of life.

Gemini is the sacred namer of the zodiac. As it understands what something is, it gives it a name, thereby incrementally decoding and demystifying the interrelationship between all things. Gemini starts locally and masters the time and place they are in, but are very stimulated by travel to different places where the customs and language are very different. Each time Gemini has an opportunity to observe and integrate a new time and place, their mastery and understanding grows as well as their own intelligence.

There is an openness to Gemini due to their mutable air nature, that allows them a mobility and flexibility to grok new things. Though the Gemini goal is to avoid disorientation and confusion, it inevitably happens at times, and can stress out Gemini's finely wired nervous system.

In the northern hemisphere we are approaching the solar zenith of the year known as Summer Solstice. For the next 3 weeks we are on a ramp that goes straight up to maximum sunlight with accompanying mania. The Gemini part of all of us can get a bit taxed and frayed.

This is the time of the year when we can easily get burned out. Too much socializing, long work days, caffeine, festivals, and general busyness can be quite tiring so I advise making sure you take breaks and plan in some downtime.

The Moon is Full in Sagittarius and here we are with a full blown search for meaning. We are driven by and inspired by and comforted by the fact that what we are now experiencing, is not all that there is. There is more to life than this, and I will find it! With optimism and abundance I chart my course! Travel and the adventurous freedom granted in that mode are key components to Sag growth and development in life. Just for kicks, here are some famous Sagittarians to illustrate their particular flare and charm:

Mark Twain, Samuel L. Jackson, Frank Zappa, Sarah Silverman, Ozzy Osbourne, Jane Fonda, Jim Morrison, Bruce Lee, Emily Dickinson, Jimi Hendrix, John Malkovich, Margaret Mead, and Jon Stewart.

All of them outrageous in their own way.

Sag has a very strong need for truth and for an authentic expression of said truth. They are not super concerned with protecting anyone's feelings and are known for telling it like it is. So this is a truth telling Moon. Its also a wild and untamed Moon, one that seeks the more primal and wild parts of life. This is a day for honest communication.

We also have a grand water trine composed of:

Venus Cancer (love nature is close to home and family. Not an adventurous signature, one that is very focused on safety and security as part of love) Jupiter Scorpio (our ongoing, year long transit of emotional empowerment stemming from acknowledging where we really need to grow) Neptune Pisces (we're at the midpoint of this long transit that at its best is a mystical feeling of union with all of life, and at its worst is an ungrounded, confused, immuno-compromised state).

Woven together, this combination adds an emotional undertone to this not very emotional Full Moon. And even though it's a Sagittarius Full Moon, we may feel less like traveling for summer vacation, instead perhaps a staycation that costs us less and repurposes that time and energy to fortify home and clan. Reading books is a completely legit way for Sag to express itself and expand into the far corners of the world, so find a good adventure book and tuck into a corner and dive in. The Venus point of the grand water trine is in opposition with contractive Saturn, making anticipated events and connections feel a little cooler and more toned down than we might have hoped. It's not an emotionally effusive and flowing combination, its kind of an introversion boost. 'Let's skip the party, and just stay home so I can cook us healthy food'. Like I said, It's kind of a weird combo with the Gemini Sun-Sag Moon, which normally never tires of conversation or interactions.'

Saturn, our planet of self-discipline and solitude is also (while in its retrograde phase), completing a Yod, or finger of God aspect involving the Sun and the North Node of destiny. This is an important time to be on our game in terms of creativity. What is it our destiny to bring into this world? Maybe a child, maybe a project, maybe a concept. Whatever it is, there is a call to prayer and alignment around these themes, on this Full Moon. Finally, we have Mars in Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus on the South Node. The traction of Mars's upcoming retrograde is just starting to build a head of steam and it will be coloring our lives from late June until mid-September.

I will be discussing this upcoming retrograde in depth in an upcoming blog but for now just think about Mars, our planet of energy and force being energetic and forceful in a different way, a more internal way. It will be great for meditation, terrible for starting wars.

The square to Uranus can make us a bit accident prone. It's a signature that shows that we are a little bit out of our bodies right now, much more in our heads. Take extra time while driving around anywhere this week, there's no need to rush. Don't take any extra risks.

Are you needing some help navigating something tricky in your life?

An astrological reading can be very helpful in those confusing spots.

Do you have a birthday coming up?

A reading is a great way to orient to your new cycle.

Sending Love,

Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer


1. Art by Andy Gilmore

2. Photo from Tawanda_Fertiledirt on Instagram

3. Art by M.C. Escher

4. Fashion by Alexander McQueen

5. Photo by Oonagh.Moon on instagram

6. Artist Unknown

7. Photo by Alexander Saladrigas on Instagram

8. Image from Kanno Hisao

9. Margot Robbie by Bill Viola

10. Mother Gothel from emmalovesluna on Instagram

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