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The Harvest Moon on the Equinox Points

The Harvest Moon of 2018 falls on September 24, PDT at 7:52pm and happens just 49 hours after the Autumnal Equinox on September 22.

Can you say portal? Equinoxes are places of both endings and beginnings.

We end the dominance of light and day and begin the dominance of night at this gateway in the North, and its reversal in the South. This is the place where Demeter's daughter Kore, out gathering flowers in the field becomes Persephone as she begins her annual journey to be with her husband Hades in his underworld kingdom.

                Art by Lizzie Siddal on IG

This Full Moon is at 2 degrees Aries conjunct Chiron, square to Saturn at 2 Capricorn. This plus Mars on the South Node squaring Venus in Scorpio, tells us that there is a cutting away of old and extraneous mental relationship patterns that are out of alignment with our truest, deepest, selves, that do not serve anyone. This is in order to make way for new growth of heart centered love and partnership and creativity.

As we have already discussed (and will continue to discuss for the next 2 months), we are on the verge of an almost 8 week transit of Venus retrograde that starts in Scorpio and moves back into Libra. Venus anywhere is about relationship, but Venus in Libra and Scorpio are as relationship focused as it gets. This is a prescription for healing but there may be some bitters along the way to get back to robust health. 

For Scorpio, the deep wound is feeling unloved and unwanted. When we talk about love through the Pisces filter, we talk about unconditional love. Love no matter what. Scorpio is the opposite. It is conditional love. I love you because there is something that you are offering me that I can use for growth and pleasure and to be more fulfilled in my life. As soon as that changes, and the initial fuel is burned up, if there isn't any other new compelling fuel then the attraction dies.

This isn't all bad as sometimes things aren't right and do need to end, but anyway you slice it, there is no place for illusion or denial with Scorpio, so a Venus in Scorpio retrograde, on the heels of this relationship axis Full Moon, conjunct Chiron, square Saturn is surgical in feeling. It's time for relationships (sexual/emotional partnerships) to go in the shoppe for an overhaul. It's time to confront the limitations and the lack in the relationship, to rip up that carpet that dust has been swept under and really take a good look, to reflect and then to dig deep and find what isn't working and either cut bait or really give it everything and grow in response to what is seen and shared.

                   Art by Chiffe on IG

The archetype of Libra/Venus is where we encounter the 'other' for the first time. It is accepting and harmonizing with others. It is balancing rather than changing, It is diplomacy and interdependence. Joining forces is an increase in power that could never be done alone. For Libra, there is no growth without cooperation. Libra is the art of relationships.

The archetype of Aries/Mars, the sign of the Full Moon is individualistic, independent and seeks alliance. Any partnership is with someone on your team. If someone disagrees with you, you'll reject them.  Mars really doesn't want to lose itself. That self was very hard won from the merged passivity of the Pisces archetype from which it emerged and it is ever vigilant to not get subsumed again. Thus the quick on the draw, feistiness of Aries/Mars.

So with Chiron conjunct this Moon, we are asked to look at our wounds around empowerment. This is a Moon of basic power claiming and fighting for the right to express your needs. It's a desire to have control of your life. If there is abuse in the past by people in power over you, this Moon could stir up those old feelings of disempowerment. If anger arises, don't squash it, channel it into something productive. This Moon is a call to move away from anything that is not serving your soul needs. 

Relationship ideally is with two strong individuals who are walking their own path and who choose to come together to grow and be stronger and have more options. The backdrop of this time is the Sun and Mercury in Libra but this is a flashpoint of self-empowerment. 

We can see this mirrored in the Kavanaugh battle for a Supreme Court appointment in the face of a Jupiter in Scorpio/Venus in Scorpio #metoo climate. 

Whatever is going on for you in relationship at this Full Moon, equinox portal,  there is an overall need to feel alive within that partnership. If that's not happening, then it's time to evaluate what needs to be cut away as ballast that is weighing it down.  Baggage from past relationships should be pulled out of dark closets and out from under beds and ruthlessly gone through. Lighten your load and get back into alignment with your true needs.

Find your way back to a healthy passion and confront whatever is in the way, 

Sending Harvest Moon Love! 

Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer

The change of seasons reminds that we are heading into the end of the year. Astrological consultations can be exceedingly helpful in gaining perspective on what has passed and what is on deck for the next big cycle. 

My Astrological Musicology radio show is now archived and can be accessed here:  ASTROSCAPE ARCHIVES on SOUNDCLOUD


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