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The Eclipse of the Red Queen

Here we go into Eclipse #2 of 2019. While the New MOON solar eclipse on Jan 5 was all CAPRICORN, this Full MOON Lunar Eclipse brings in a LEO MOON/AQUA SUN tightly stitched into the CAP CANCER Nodal axis, square to URANUS, the Great Awakener. This is a volatile, electric, emotional combination. Eclipses are always a time between the worlds and they express themselves through our emotions as well as events in our lives. The lights are briefly out, it is not business as usual. We are advised to be cautious on eclipse days. This eclipse season lasts until February 2, and the effects of any eclipse can be felt up to 6 months after the event. This is the final eclipse in the LEO AQUARIUS axis, effectively closing a 2 year nodal cycle that included the Great American total solar eclipse of August 2017.

The Full MOON is being eclipsed at 0 degrees LEO, the zero degree point of any sign being the most potent as it’s just been "born." LEO is the incredibly vital, fixed fire sign of life, hearth, heart, and spine. LEO is the child of the SUN.

Usually a LEO Full MOON would be very exuberant, playful, and fun, and while there may be some exuberance swirled into the mix, this is a pretty serious MOON. LEO is partly about pleasurable creativity and the best thing we have going for us in the heavens right now by far is pleasure-loving VENUS conjunct generous JUPITER in SAGITTARIUS square visionary NEPTUNE. In times of political and social darkness and strife, humans respond by making great art. Let's do this! It's time to create beauty in the most exquisite, expansive, and fantastic ways you can dream up.

No matter how much of an artist that you do or do not consider yourself to be, it's time to make some art. It doesn't have to be fancy or complicated. It doesn't have to be tangible or lasting. The ephemeral art technique of sand painting has a long ritual tradition in Tibet and indigenous North America.

Sing a song to a forest, recite a spontaneous ode to the ocean, just find some pleasurable way to express yourself and you will be working with this energy of VENUS JUPITER. It is a good idea to drink from this cup as it's a bright light in a dark time.

Make a collage, make veves out of cornmeal on your front porch... just do something.

Veve drawings in cornmeal on pavement.

The Queen MOON is in LEO opposite the King SUN, who is

conjunct the MOON's own SOUTH NODE in her own sign of CANCER.


Throw a well placed Earth in there, and you have an eclipse.

A total lunar eclipse is architected by the Earth in the path of the SUN to MOON, thus blocking the light of the SUN from reaching the MOON. Without the sunlight reaching our Queen of the night, her silveriness becomes red due to the Earth's atmosphere now being reflected instead. This we call a Blood Moon. To add a bit more powder to the keg, it's also a supermoon, meaning that the MOON is the closest to the Earth that she gets, appearing larger in the sky to our naked eyes.

On January 12 of 2020, we will reach the zenith of the CAPRICORN super-conjunction including SUN PLUTO SATURN MERCURY. This year is preparation.

With SATURN in CAPRICORN as our guide for the foreseeable future, let's look more deeply at this planetary God. He is the furthest away from our visible, earthly perspective, and as such, he is cold and dry. The Earth responds to this influence by cracking open and separating, which helps us to sort this from that, allowing for distinctions and boundaries between things. SATURN is the catalyst for age, for the passing of time, which causes things to get cold, disintegrate, and ultimately disappear slowly. This is the process by which old, worn out forms are destroyed so that newer, more useful forms can replace them. This is the way of life and the sacred task of SATURN.

The working edge with SATURN is to slowly learn to replace fear, pessimism, rigidity, and excessive materialism with confidence, mastery, dependability, and self-discipline by way of experience, persistence, and endurance..

Traditionally, SATURN rules both CAPRICORN (administration) and AQUARIUS (inspiration).

The wisdom of SATURN is to have patience with the passing of time. We learn SATURNIAN life lessons through our capacity to manage obstacles in our life.

He is the tester, and his goal is perfection. With SATURN transits there can be delay, limitation, and disappointment but through these inescapably human experiences, we align with the higher laws of life and gain humility, wisdom, and compassion.

Astrologer Caroline Casey calls SATURN, "the reality police" and says that he lays the tracks for our imagination to follow; thus we want to be sure that our tracks are well placed to allow for the development of other parts of our lives that are supported at their base by SATURN (remember this is the Year of Feng Shui).

SATURN rules our bones, teeth, and skin. When afflicted it can affect joints and bones. This is an excellent year to "bone-up" on taking a good calcium magnesium supplement to support ourselves in these ways. Also, drinking bone broth can help to fortify the digestion/immune system deeply.

When SATURN, the Lord of Karma transits his own sign of CAP, there is a great realignment and a karmic cleaning house. It's a 2.5-year reset. Being practical and down to earth, keeping our cool and claiming and maintaining our own authority are the guides and goals.

SATURN in CAPRICORN traveling with PLUTO and the SOUTH NODE of the MOON through much of this year tells us that we are draining the venom from Empire, which is a messy and thankless task, but one that must be done. The shocking squares to URANUS are always charged with disruptive changes to the status-quo, for new and better patterns. Its job is to destroy the ruts in which we fall to set us free. This signature implies that 'more will be revealed' in perhaps shocking or unexpected ways.

With the Full MOON in LEO, the sign that rules by divine right and the giant stellium in CAPRICORN, the symbol of delegated authority, this eclipse is bringing the feet of the elite to the fire, activating the purge that PLUTO and SATURN with the SOUTH NODE are calling for. Just ask France.

The hotblooded God of War MARS is in his home sign of ARIES. In this eclipse window, he is dignified and empowered by his trine to JUPITER and VENUS, and challenged by an exact square to SATURN. SATURN loves walls, MARS in ARIES loves to tear them down. MARS is hot, SATURN is cold.

We know from meteorology that hurricanes are caused by hot air colliding with cold air. Combined with the URANUS squares accompanying this eclipse, things are very volatile right now. Flexibility and responsiveness vs. reactivity is the way to navigate these stormy seas. Take these Dragontail Butterflies as an animal totem and see how they move. Rigidity will cause you problems right now. Flying Dragontail Butterflies understand the power of mobility, not to mention metamorphosis considering they started out as caterpillars. Check em out.

Here are some words from beloved ancestor, Mary Oliver in honor of this

LEO (love, gifts)/SATURNIAN (years to understand, box of darkness) eclipse.

If you would like to honor the eclipse in a simple, curative way; take a salt bath beforehand, then light a black or white virgin candle and play this Rahu mantra for the duration of the eclipse period. On the west coast, the eclipse starts at 7:34pm and ends at 10:51pm, on Sunday, January 20.

If you would like to learn about how to work with eclipses more deeply,

Sphere + Sundry have an excellent and helpful article on their website.

If you like music and astrology, check out my radio show on ASTROSCAPE.

Much love, Paetra Tauchert, Astrologer



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First Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting Festival, Olga Skolova

Photo by Duane Deterville

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