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The Pink Full Moon of Spring: Activation

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This Full MOON perfects at 0 degrees LIBRA on March 20, 2019 at 6:43pm PDT.

LIBRA, ruled by VENUS the Goddess of love, is always seeking balance and harmony though she often uses the extremes of her partner MARS, the God of war, to get there.

With this Full MOON (called the Pink Moon in Native American tradition) we can expect extremes and passions to be running high and hot. As it includes CHIRON, there may be a tenderness around our hearts, from past wounds of love and war. The goal is to transform them into compassion for ourselves and for others as we all inadvertently hurt each other along the path of life. This is a MOON that asks for forgiveness in the face of fire. 

This Full MOON coincides with the Vernal Equinox in the northern hemisphere/Autumnal in the south, signaling when the day and night meet and kiss, for a moment, equal in length.

In the north, we have been building the light ever since Winter Solstice, and this is the equal night/equi nox moment before the light gains on the night. We depart from the sleepy, cold, slumbery depths of winter and early spring at this gateway, and stand strong in the fullness of spring.

The fact that the Equinox coincides with a Full MOON  just adds to what some consider the most potent degree/day of the zodiacal year, and I must say this one is extra loaded. 

There are several different points that humans use as marking points for the renewal of the year; Samhain, Winter Solstice, Jewish New Year, New Year's Eve, Chinese New Year, Easter... but for the zodiac, the ARIES ingress is where we reboot the year. 

Equinox/ARIES ingress is an incredibly powerful node in the wheel of the year because it is the place where we move from everything being one (PISCES), to the spark of combustion creating individual life (ARIES).

In ARIES we are born into new life. There is a higher power, rooted in love that is steering our experience here. Your soul knows this, but it easy to forget. It is essential that we go and connect with nature. Get off of your devices and go commune in the springtime in the north, or the beautiful fall in the south, Go look at the stars and remember who you are. 

MERCURY retrograde conjunct NEPTUNE while URANUS sits at 0 degrees TAURUS

Are you feeling overwhelmed and perhaps anxious from the lack of clarity and footing available right now? Me too. This has been a MERCURY retrograde to remember. It's the addition of NEPTUNE, added to the big adjustment to the new frequency of URANUS in TAURUS for the next 7 years.

URANUS in TAURUS is sharing a 0 degree placing along with the Full MOON at 0 LIBRA, and the resonant inconjunct is felt. TAURUS is our body, its where we live, it's how we experience the world through our 5 senses. It is now plugged into very high voltage. NEPTUNE is at best magical, and at worst, very confusing and depleting. We are in an outer planet storm, coupled with MERCURY retrograde, making it very hard to navigate what is the right way to go or to turn for comfort. It's easy to want it to be some substance (alcohol, food, drugs, media) but that might make it worse. With NEPTUNE we are on the open seas, with no land in sight. With URANUS there is a sharp, electrical, galvanizing need to make changes to upgrade our life, but despite the urgency of URANUS, the fog of NEPTUNE makes it confusing what that should be. 

MARS in TAURUS trine the CAPRICORN stellium

The powerful alliance of SATURN and PLUTO

(the great malefic who tests and limits us in order to promote growth, combined with the most challenging promoter of emotional growth, who works through making us confront our greatest weaknesses)

are tightly aligned with KETU/the SOUTH NODE of the MOON which is a great trigger to let go of things that no longer serve. This is a collective, karmic, transit meaning that it applies to everyone. We are all a part of the big story of the world. What collective choices and decisions have led us here, to the precipice of the 6th great extinction event. We are all implicated on a soul level. No one gets to sit this one out.

This is the way of things here, there is a great cycle of life and a profound recycling of themes and of life energy and matter. Whether you are dipping down towards the autumn in the southern hemisphere of rising up into spring in the northern hemisphere, the equinox point is where things change from one dominant theme to another. Let the natural shakeup that is happening further your own growth in your human life, and may the choices you make help support all of life. 

Blessings to you, 

Paetra Tauchert, astrologer


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Edward Okun, We and the War, c 1920

Found on Pintrest, artist unknown 

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Artist unknown

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