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Saturn Pluto & January Forecast by Sign

Happy 2020! We are now standing inside of a New Year and a New Decade.

As had been widely speculated by astrologers, the beginning of January has gotten off to a rocky and volatile start. Christmas Day brought us a solar eclipse that was powerful in effects as well as visuals; its pathway drew a line through Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. 

The reason everyone paying attention to the planetary cycles had speculated volatility at this time is the conjunction of JUPITER, SATURN, and PLUTO, in the sign of CAPRICORN, while URANUS is in TAURUS.

According to astrologer Roy Gillett, " To have Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, while Uranus is in Taurus has happened only one other year, in the 10,000-year period 4999 BCE to 4999 CE. 3838 BCE was the time of the Bronze Age and when there are first records of writing." 

That... is a pretty big deal. 

Let's look at the different parts:

With JUPITER, we see all the wonderful things that might happen, while SATURN is dark sureties. SATURN corresponds to hard realism in all of us. Without this ability to get totally real we make all sorts of stupid mistakes. SATURN also corresponds to the ability to make anything real, to bring it into actuality beyond just a vision or dream, his action is essentially to bind us to the promises we make and whether we keep them or not.  SATURN is the binding of atoms and molecules together to make matter, he is the stabilizing of solid, growing roots. He reflects the ability to bind ourselves to courses of actions and to persevere to have patience to be willing to wait. SATURN'S wisdom is hard won. 

SATURN is here to point out all of the things that wisdom and faith and hope still don't change, like death. He clips our wings. The great master; cold, hard, dark, and honest, SATURN keeps all agreements. The old and experienced, the wise and understanding, the fixer, the destroyer.

SATURN is the limit of the visible solar system, he's the last body that you can actually see with your naked eye. SATURN is therefore the visible limit of our world. SATURN corresponds to the walls of the room, creating boundary curtailing freedoms, but these "terrible limits" can also protects us. 

 PLUTO makes you realize death. Death is when something is exhausted, saturated, completed. Death is something reaching its own limits. 

PLUTO takes you to your weaknesses, because they are your limit. 

They show you where there is something about you that is saturated or exhausted.

It's only in hitting the weakness that you can recognize it 

and change it. That's the medicine and power of PLUTO and PLUTONIC growth. 

When someone experiences pain, the healthy instinct is to try to outgrow it, 

to resolve it. It's only through direct experience that we face the problems of existence, and in the process of solving the problems, you grow. 

You add something new to your life, you get out of your box, 

Something is done to get out of the problem and the result is growth.

You feel the pain, but there is a survival mechanism in Pluto 

that allows you to rise again and re-empower yourself. 

That is the purpose and function of PLUTO.

The sign CAPRICORN consolidates the SAGITTARIAN vision into a structure. We can apply facts, not theories, we now want what works. In CAPRICORN we establish a whole system that derives from belief.

JUPITER gives us a vision of the truth, then SATURN makes a commitment to that truth. It's a sincere desire to live according to right way, to do the right thing. In CAPRICORN we say, "I am willing to live according to what works vs what I want."

 CAPRICORN is adopting something outside your own ego; your ego is willing to surrender to higher laws.  

Classically, CAPRICORN wants a guide in life, someone strong, someone wise, someone reliable and credible that will have the right answers. There is a natural attraction to powerful figures.  At some point many people with strong CAPRICORN signature go back to traditions, because traditions show that something works and can be trusted.

So these are the ingredients in our JUPITER PLUTO SATURN in CAP soup. The SUN and MERCURY are closely overseeing this important summit. 

The following are some useful insights I have found in my exploration of what this time means. 

Excerpted/adapted from Rick Levine:

"This Capricorn stellium of Jan 12 has been slowly grinding into place for the entire last year, and will extend into this year, so there isn't so much 'pow' on this day as there might be for faster moving planets. This is somewhat glacial and changes the face of the landscape thoroughly as it moves. This cycle is coming to a head. At the last opposition 9/11 happened. At the last conjunction in 1914, was the beginning of WWl.  

This signature isn't just negative but it's cleaning out negativity to get to the positive. Only every 500 years do these planets align in CAPRICORN. 

JUPITER in CAPRICORN is helping, but not much until the end of the year.

SATURN is boundaries, limits, 'Ring-Pass-Not'. Can't go any further with the visible, the real is found here. It rules banking, government, and physical structures including bones and stones. When SATURN contacts PLUTO, boundaries are changed and this transformation must result in new boundaries. 

A SATURN PLUTO cycle was a part of the crusades. Redefinitions of physical boundaries.

How do we embrace change? PLUTO's job is to take down hubris. Deconstructing the real so we can reconstruct it in a new manner that is more evolutionarily 


"The year 2020 seems not to let up in intensity. From the first days of the year until the very last ones, each month accrues critically important planetary cycles that will undoubtedly set the tone for many years to come.  

The Saturn–Pluto cycle occurs roughly every 33 to 38 years, varying according to Pluto’s highly elliptical orbit. This meeting of forces represents, among other things, the redistribution of power in the world or, in other words, which faction will make the decisions that affect the greater collective, whether this occurs in plain sight or behind the scenes. From a spiritual perspective, this cycle reflects a rite of passage determining who is most qualified to be the custodian of resources, and thus regulates who will be in a position of influence. In its purest form, this cycle is one of the highest tests of integrity and morality for those in authority, along with a test of capacity and resilience. Beyond the management of power, this cycle is also about the skill to increase power and the value of resources.

Saturn–Pluto reflects a lesson about the right use of power, so this cycle is also associated with corruption and abuse. Since it holds the key to the “bank coffers,” it also describes the temptation to disregard moral standards and use global resources to satisfy one’s greed. Sooner or later, corruption is exposed, for Saturn represents the karmic consequences of misaligned actions; however, “later” is more often the case, because exposing corruption can take time.

Interestingly, David Rockefeller, one of the richest and most influential bankers in the world, was born under a Saturn–Pluto cycle (conjunction), and so were Rupert Murdoch (opposition), head of a massive media empire, and Bill Gates (square), founder of Microsoft and listed as the wealthiest person in the world for a number of years. Similarly, Saudi Arabia, a country that possesses some of the largest supplies of oil in the world, was established under a Saturn–Pluto opposition.

We can anticipate important changes in the natural resources industry, the banking system, and regional and world leadership, but it is difficult at this point to anticipate what direction this powerful influence will take." 

From Gary P. Caton

"Capricorn is considered to be one of Saturn’s two domiciles or home signs, and this gives full access to all its natural powers which include structure, organization, and long-term planning. Additionally, Saturn is in its own bounds—a smaller division of the sign where it has the autonomy to define the terms, limits, and rules of engagement. These two dignities enable Saturn to avoid being overpowered by Pluto, and its connections with death, rebirth, and transformation. We’ll still be transformed, but we’ll have access to resources that will make it easier to channel this energy positively, and we’ll be able to define the limits of where we’re ready, willing, and able to transform."


Read your SUN and your ASCENDANT  


This month is all about career/vocation. Things that emerge from this time will have far reaching effects in the structure and formation of your life. Make careful, well thought out decisions, and don't get hung up on short term gain, think long term planning. A trip outside of your regular zone could feel enriching and a long stretching of your legs would do wonders for your spirit and mood. The Full MOON eclipse in CANCER highlighted things to do with your childhood home and mother. Your resource base is ready to be overhauled and redesigned in smarter more sophisticated ways. There's an app for that... 


OK TAURUS, change is the name if the game for the next 6 years. You're slow to move, but that's ok because we have 6 more years to go of this life changing transit. Where are you extra stuck in your life? What are you white knuckling? That's where to focus, or it will come from the outside in. You can look inside and see what is so solid that its stultifying you. Thick mud has no oxygen, and this is an oxygen bringing transit. January is emphasizing focus on your interpretation of life, what you think it means. Its a good time to read some philosophy and drink bitter teas. Read stories about far off lands and adventure, perhaps a pirate story. This is a good month for business opportunities.


Mysteries and sex and other people's money are serious business right now. Some big lessons in this part of your life may come into focus this month. The eclipse period could bring an exit for someone you know. Traveling with a close friend or partner to a far off land would be deeply fulfilling this month. If not, be careful to not take things out on your significant others as there is some extra fire in this part of your life and you could singe or get singed. 


The last year has been filled with so many things: major challenges to your security, limitations to where you are accustomed to feeling flow, but also some profound growth. There is a special window that you are in until March, that only comes around every 19 years, so don't miss putting it to good use. Take this month to deep clean your house and to do a gentle body cleanse of some sort. Select something that is appropriate for your constitution and the time of the year.  


Health is a big theme for you this year, as is problem solving in all sorts of ways on the physical plane. New sparked romances could appear right now, as well as a pleasurable boost to your partnerships, plus your sex life. Change is on deck in your career sector. What have you always been interested in doing professionally, but you've never let yourself follow that path? It's time to take some risks. 


January's Full MOON eclipse is affecting your peer groups and there is growth here. But creativity is really emphasized this year, and taking your creative endeavors very seriously is asked of you now. Its time to get yourself structured in a way that supports your creativity enabling you to express yourself in the world.


The ground under your feet and family of origin are the great focus for you this month, and most of this year. The house you live in and the members of your family and your ancestral line all need attention. There continues to be pressure to shed old outmoded ways of being that have been handed down and handed down without any revision. It's time to create what you want to create for your family, and to teach your children in ways you feel good about, vs continuing to hand down the dysfunctional family patterns. 


The manner in which you run your day to day life is undergoing big transformations. Things you take for granted and normally don't give much thought to are all going through a big transformation on a structural level. There is a boost of energy and vision in your resource sector, use it to get your finances in order for a new 2 year cycle of growth. 


You have begun a new cycle of energy and vision, so take this month to think about what adventure and trips you want to take this year; large or small, it's getting the wind in your hair that matters. For you, it's matters of resources that are needing to be taken very seriously and restructured from the ground up, in a way that will support you in the long haul. 


You are at the epicenter of all of this astral intensity. Your very identity is being restructured in the most profound of ways. This is a rite of passage and you will not come out on the other side as the same person you were before. Be sure to get creative in some way to release some of the tension. 


Your inner, spiritual, world is causing quite a dust up and wants to you pay close attention to a place in your life that is often ignored. You are a very smart critter with a fast moving mind, and right now you are being asked to slow down and spend some time immersed in quiet meditation, to get into the foundations of your relationship to spirit, to where we came from, to the cosmic womb of god. 


Pisces, your group, your crew, your squad.... the places you are amongst your peers, are the arena of life that is being churned and turned over right now. You are normally a very go with the flow type, but right now discernment is being asked of you. Tune in and tune up your social world so that it will be a beneficial influence for years to come. 

Warmly and with well-wishes for your 2020,

Paetra Tauchert

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