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Pisces Blue Moon as Venus Stations Direct

Pisces Blue Moon + Uranus & Venus Stations

Hello Lovely Readers,

I am in the last week of moving so I will be truncating my weeklies once again, but I still want to orient you to this powerful week ahead.

This week hosts our second Full Moon of the month making it a BLUE MOON. This is apropos as this month’s Full Moon is at 7° Pisces on Wednesday August 30. The Pisces Lunation is hands down the most magical each year, coming in during the Virgo Season, hosted by the Great Grain Goddess here to nourish and heal.

This Moon is conjunct Great Taskmaster & Teacher planet Saturn bringing in a serious charge to dream big, and then to work on the foundations to actually support these dreams and help them actualize.

The influencing square from Venus to Jupiter says make it big and luxurious, make it help your earth passage feel good.

This week has some other big events that also feed into the portal of this Full Moon: one is that Liberating Trickster planet Uranus stations Rx at 23° Taurus on Monday, and love & resources planet Venus stations direct at 12° Leo next Sunday. We remember that stationing planets are handed a megaphone, thus this week we are being blasted with themes of upgrading around love, connection, creativity, and resources. This is a big week, as the Mercury in Virgo Rx continues to condition our physical reality for greater efficiency and quality. Lastly I want to revisit the United States Pluto return. The US Pluto is at 27° Cap in the second house of money and is answering to Saturn in Pisces currently between the US Moon and Ceres in the third house. This speaks to the building issues around food security in the day to day environment. I’ve talked about this off and on over the last year or so, but please do some food storage prep for you and your pets. Things are looking a bit wobbly out there as we head into an “unprecedented El Niño” this winter in the north. Pluto will be exactly on the US point from September 19 until November 1. As the BRICS nations continue to aggregate more members, things are looking bleak for the future of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency (the “petrodollar”) which means that the global superpower is in the process of a death and rebirth around second house topics which means the dollar. All is not lost, as all fiat currencies have a life span around one hundred years. Consider divesting into other forms of savings as a way to hedge against what is coming. In the future we are moving into, organic seeds will be incredibly valuable. Here is a link to a company I like. Food growing is going to become essential like it was during ww2. I’m planning to do a how your get started webinar soon, in honor of Uranus & Jupiter in a Taurus. Have a great week, normal format returns next week.

In light of the economic realities of 2023, I am opening my practice to an ongoing sliding scale from $175-150 for full length readings.


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