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Retrogrades, Eclipses, and the Revolution

Hello Friends,

I hope this finds you healthy in body and mind, in these poignant, chaotic times.

I am riding the waves to the best of my abilities, staying afloat most of the time.

It has been challenging to figure out what to write, with everything in this bubbling cauldron of unpredictability, but here is my offering for June.

Now that MERCURY is in CANCER, at least there is an emotional outlet for all the intensity through which we are living. As I write, we are witnessing and participating in spreading, nationwide protests over the brutal and tragic murder of George Floyd. Unfortunately there are reports of agent provocateurs pushing peaceful demonstration over the edge to looting and violence.

In addition, we have all been pulled into what a friend recently referred to as a,

"bizarre global ceremony", where we are trying to survive a serious virus, keep afloat economically, and navigate an absolute onslaught of conflicting information about what it all means and what are the best plans of action.

These times are not for the faint of heart, you are doing a great job!

MERCURY is how we mentally process life, and its move from mutable air to cardinal water (on May 28), helped to stabilize some of the excessively changeable energy, by connecting us to our primal emotions, which is critical for evolution. We have to feel things, to process them and move forward in an integrated way.

2020 has been the slowest, fastest, weirdest, year ever. Now we're heading for Summer Solstice in the north/Winter Solstice in the south, and after months of sheltering in place, we are restless and antsy. The SUN in GEMINI takes us to the solar zenith of the year, which this year includes a SOLAR ECLIPSE on the solstice degree.

GEMINI is the power of language, words, and voice. In the zodiac, it is part of the first quadrant where we figure out how to survive. GEMINI figures things out. GEMINI is the development of the intellect, and knowledge gives control.

The GEMINI part of all of us wants to know what's going on, wants to know how things work, wants to know the truth because, with the right information, we will know what to do to succeed and to be safe.

With TAURUS, we are connected to the land and a more simple, rural life, whereby with GEMINI we feel called to explore urban life, where living by our wits is an extreme sport. There is an entrepreneurial spirit with GEMINI that is suited to city life with its diverse culture, and its extreme fashion; GEMINI loves fashion as it is part of its set of survival skills; to figure out the local costumes and customs gives one a leg up in being accepted, surviving and thriving.

GEMINI is the tricky wordsmith with the witty gift of gab. The GEMINI part of all of us transacts in communication, navigation, and is constantly trying to orient. GEMINI represents open minded, endless, curious, discourse, while its polar complement SAG knows things with great certainty. GEMINI is all about the journey, as a way to learn.

As delightful as GEMINI is, I always take the time to warn people about how manic this time of the year can be in the northern hemisphere. Each day until Summer Solstice, the days get longer, more light, more heat ... it just keeps ramping up and up, so take care of yourself and be sure to do whatever self care works for you. Drink plenty of water, eat cooling and alkalizing veggies, get your body in water.

As June commences, we are midway through our 40 day VENUS retrograde. A VENUS retrograde means that the energy of VENUS is stronger than normal. This is our love and relating planet's time out of time, her vision quest, her medicine  journey... into and back out of the heart of the SUN, called cazimi.

"VENUS rules desire, objects of desire, love, partnership, relationships, relating, modes of relating, money and goods, things of value. And there’s a principle of inclusion, involving, unifying, reconciling. Socially it has to do with consensus, with agreement and with people coming to some kind of mutual agreement. VENUS has to do with the rules of relating, and during retrogrades, it challenges consensus and the rules of relating.

And here we are at this weird, unprecedented-precipice, socially-speaking, right now. There are heated debates about how we should handle re-opening the shut-down world. The fear of spreading the virus has resulted in protective measures being put into place, but the world must go on... at some point we have to reopen and resume function. I'm sure you've noticed that there are some very strong opinions out there, not all in accord.

Social consensus is a huge theme as we navigate this VENUS rx crossing, and the consensus we need to find is around how to connect, an essential theme of VENUS.

With the NEPTUNE flavored launch of the VENUS retrograde, we are way into the realm of fantasy relationships right now. There is an element of fantasy in every relationship, but the dial is turned up high right now, and when there is illusion and fantasy, there can also be disillusionment . If something isn't solid, the rest of the VENUS rx journey and then prograde will reveal things as they are, not as how we wish them to be.

She will remain under the SUN's beams until mid-month, when she will become observable in the morning sky, quite prominent and lovely through the rest of the year.

I would add that VENUS retrogrades are a classic time to hear from your exes, or to feel the sudden need to contact an ex, or a general compulsion to go over old relationships. Any unfinished business or loose threads are fair game, and great things to work on during this retrograde transit. The last time we had a VENUS in GEMINI retro was 8 years ago, if you care to reflect back to summer of 2012 to see where you were then.

She will turn direct on June 24, but won't be out of her station degree until July 1.

VENUS also rules finances and resources, so this is a time to be cautious in that part of your life. Also, look to the house that GEMINI rules in your chart, to understand the area of life that this will affect (ask me if you don't know how to figure this out).

MERCURY will also be making a retrograde in June, the station degree starts on JUNE 13th and lasts until June 22. All the regular cautions apply: no major electronic /mechanical purchases, or signing contracts if you can avoid it.

Such things simply cannot always be avoided so just be very cautious and careful if you must. MERCURY rx adds to the general, ongoing theme of slowing down, drilling down, revisioning and revitalizing the parts of your life that have become stagnant or atrophied. As this one is in CANCER, it also reconnects us to the recently completed journey of the NORTH NODE of Fate, in CANCER for a year and a half. The NORTH NODE is pushing us to grow in the direction of sign it is in, so this is a review of what was augmented in your life in the categories of home, mothers, mothering, motherhood, children, emotional and physical security, nurturance and feelings. This is also a good time to reconnect with any family you've gotten out of sync with. It's a time to re-member lost parts of your clan.


At the end of the month, we kick off what will be 7 months of MARS in ARIES.

MARS is dignified and hot in his yang, extroverted home sign. He will turn retro in September and wont leave ARIES until 2021. This is a very powerful, focused and directed energy to have for so long and I can only assume that we are going to need it.

We are in system buster territory, and as the grinding up of the old system continues, and for better or worse, as this is the system in which we live, we too are part of this grind.

For each of us personally, it is our job to scan our interior systems, searching for grist for this system busting mill.

The world is not, nor has it even been static, thus it will continue to evolve, but the stages can be measured on a larger scale than the comfort of humans may allow, and we need to master adaptability now, and to be able to meet things as they are, and find new ways to thrive within these conditions. We have to find who we are in this new world. As more times passes, it's becoming clearer that we are not going back.

June Horoscopes

These are incredibly trying times we are living through, and this month I am

keeping it simple.

Read your ASCENDANT sign first, then if you were born during the day, read

your SUN sign second, or if you were born during the nighttime, read your

MOON sign second.


ARIES take the time to make sure that your words are landing how you intend. There may be sticky and tricky moments when dealing with family. After things being so weird for so long, everyone is on edge in some way, so take things with a grain of salt and make sure that you have some non pressurized check-ins with the folks you live with, if applicable, so that there is a regular pressure release valve.


This is a month to review your spending, and to review what you value. Your own resources, as well as any resources you share with another, including your sexuality is up for discussion. Between the VENUS retrograde and the Lunar eclipse, this is a stirred up zone in your world this month, asking you to pan for gold in terms of new understanding of yourself. The world is rapidly changing and being in touch and adaptable in this part of your life is extra advised now. The MERCURY retrograde that starts mid-month will impact your day-to-day stomping grounds. As this is an area we used to take for granted, as cities begin to cautiously open back up, you are given an assignment to review how you relate and how you'd like to reenter.


June has required a deep dive into relationships and how you manage them, identify yourself around them, communicate in them, and how to grow in them. Retrogrades are like pulling back a bow, the energy is like a tide receding, and then post retrograde the flow returns in a much healthier way. How do you make sure that your partnerships get enough attention, while not neglecting yourself and your relationship to yourself. This is your task this month.


This month starts out with an emphasis on communication, as MERCURY is in your sign. Then on the 17th, it stations retrograde, joining the host of other planets already moving backward. This inspires a time to check in with yourself, and how well you have been communicating your feelings. You can get crabby if misunderstand and pinch the offending party, so avoid that by taking the time to be sure that you are ready and clear with your message, in any important conversations. Not a time to wing it, or shoot from the hip.


Any recent insights into how you relate with your partners? You have been in a 3 month trial period with SATURN in AQUA which will expire on July 1, not to be revisted until the end of the year. If you are among those who have not been working, and at home all the time, its possible that some hairline cracks could have shown themself. It's time to patch them up with love, but also with honesty about your needs, and the needs of your partner. The mid-month MERCURY retrograde may activate your dreamworld, or inspire you to spend some uncharacteristicly introverted time in meditation. Go with it.


How has your career been affected by the shutdowns? With VENUS retrograding in your career sector, this theme is up one way or another. If you have or have not been working, then maybe give some thought to fine tuning your pubic image with your website, or how to adapt in order to thrive in this rapidly changing economy. There may be some conflict energy in the first half of JUNE with partners. Keep aware to try and stave it off, or transmute it into something useful.


As your ruling planet is retrograde for most of the month. this is a big wild card time for you. Love is in the air, but not in a regular way, there is something or someone new who needs to be integrated into yout life. Also worth pondering; how is your public image? Is there anything that you'd like to change? Now is a good time. Career tune-ups in general are called for now.


How is the homefront SCORPIO? If there are any foundational changes needed, that have become clear in the last couple of months when you've been home more often? If so, then it's time to make them. URANUS in your relationship sector is moving and shaking things up, there may be a person who suddenly appears, bringing in all kinds of new energy. URANUS is in charge of upgrades, so embrace the person and figure out how to integrate them into your life.


June is a powerful month for you SAG, around relationships. The VENUS retrograde takes place in your 7th house of marriage, deeply stirring the pot, enabling you to gaze more deeply inside of yourself, and understand who you are, and what you need now. The world is changing and your needs and values may be to. The eclipses are lighting up your love n sex houses, serving as a wild card. Eclipse season accelerates things and can also take things out of your life. With the SOUTH NODE newly in your sign, the next year and a half will have a spiritual quality to it, and some previously important, worldly things my drop away. This is not a loss, it's the way things are moving right now for you.


CAP, your sign continues to host the heavyweight PLUTO party, but in attendance is JUPITER, always doing his darndest to lighten things up. There may be some financial opportunities that accompany this transit for you, If so, be ready to work hard. CAP is no stranger to hard work, but this is potentially a time with larger payoffs. Be sure to keep up with your daily habits that promote health and well-being. Every bit of it helps. Relationships may have some flashpoints around the Solstice Eclipse, and MERCURY retrograde is asking for you to clean up any communicaton breakdowns for greater partnership health.


You have entered a time to cultivate grown-up wisdom, a time to evaluate the rules and laws you are subject to, and decide if they are righteous, mimicing natural law, and thus something you feel good about following. Only you can do this process for yourself. We are making large strides into the Age of Aquarius, and your work with SATURN is an entry point. But also.... are you making enough art and having enough weird fun? If not, get on it and bring the balance of serious hard work, with playful fun into your life.

During the MERCURY retrograde, its a good time to dial in your health routines.


June sends you into your homebase, to review how you are relating and connecting with your family or housemates. There is work to be done here. Through good communication, it's possible to decalcify some old energy. It's also a month where romance is on the back burner, but creativity will help you feel alive. Make some art!

I was invited to write the horoscopes for the June/July issue of the Mountain Astrologer magazine!

It was an honor to contribute to a magazine I have long love

and from which I always learn a lot. On stands now, or digitally:

My most recent radio shows, #44 and #45

Signing off,

Wishing you productive protests in your area!

Black Lives Matter! Defund the police!

Much love, Paetra

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